The Audio Programmer

is creating tutorials on building your own audio apps and VST plugins
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I'll send you some of the new Audio Programmer Stickers!! 

Though many others privatize their Discord/Slack groups and offer it as a perk of this tier, I have decided to keep it open for those that simply can't afford to pay, but if you benefit from the channel, your support for the group would be very much appreciated!!  

You will also be given the role of "Patreon" in our group which will have rewards in the near future.

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About The Audio Programmer

First, I'd like to thank you for stopping by my Patreon!

I started The Audio Programmer last year because I wanted to provide a one stop resource for developers and aspiring developers to learn about creating their own software instruments (plugins) and music applications.  Since then, the YouTube channel has grown to over 1,600 subscribers, as well as a thriving community of over 300 developers of all ages and backgrounds from around the world on our Discord server, sharing ideas and helping each other every day! 

The channel is one of the only consistent providers of tutorials for JUCE, which is one of the most widely used Frameworks for audio software development, and has earned the continued support from JUCE themselves!  

Hundreds of hours go into developing tutorials and maintaining the community, and your support would be used towards expanding the pace of videos, as well as the content!  I'd like to bring in guests to offer their own tutorials and thoughts on audio development.  I'd also like to tighten the page to create better and more concise videos for you, and really start to scale this channel up!
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If I am able to reach 100 patreons, I will develop premium tutorials in JUCE, which will be short, edited, and concise videos which will be more straight to the point and offer content exclusive to supporters.
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