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About The Australian Guitar Show

My name is Ricki Wood. I am a guitar player who has a deep passion for Australian made guitars, Basses, amplifiers and pedals etc. The Australian Guitar Show was an idea I had to film interviews with builders and players of Australian made instruments as well as demonstrate such instruments and post videos for all to enjoy. 

My goal is to create a relaxed vibe with interviews that allow the viewer to feel like they’re in the room with me. And to create exposure for the many builders of Australian musical instruments and increase the exposure of these instruments to players in Australia and world wide. 

I have started the ball rolling completely self funded (as do so many other worthy creators), but to keep it going, I need a little help to cover typical things like travel costs, film and audio gear, time invested into researching, filming, editing and producing these episodes. 

Any small amount can help me go a long way to bringing you a show that will only get better and better with time. 

Thank you for having a read, and please feel free to ask me any questions regarding the show. 

The Australian Guitar Show 

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