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About Tony Ganzer

Some people say you and I are at war.

I’m a journalist: someone who finds and shares information to help us all better understand our world today. Journalism isn't anywhere near perfect, and there are serious issues that the public should be thinking about when it comes to how news is gathered, delivered, and consumed.

But people angry at a monolithic "media" and journalists considered "enemies of the people" distract us from having those important discussions. Instead we're focused on battles in a war that take us farther from restoring the covenant between journalists and the public they should be serving.

So I’m trying to do something positive to demystify journalism. And food seems to be a nice icebreaker. So I'm producing vlogs in which I share thoughts on journalism topics, or stories from my reporting. I'm also writing essays and a book to go along with them. We should break bread together, and talk through some of these issues. And while breaking bread, let's bake bread together.

I’m Tony Ganzer, an amateur bread baker and a professional journalist with nearly 15 years with outlets in the U.S., Germany, and Switzerland, and travels to many more countries.

If you come to The Baking Journalist project for a bread recipe or a few thoughts about journalism, or both, welcome.
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Once we have a great group, I'll start answering some of your questions about the reporting process or topics, as video extras.
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