is creating Stream content, possible merch & props, video game reviews etc.

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Team Beast Alpha
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In this tier:

·an invite to my discord

·the right to make suggestions or vote

on what I might play in the future, so you

really feel like part of the team

·email updates on what I'm going to stream and when I'm going to stream it before anyone else, plus you can ask me questions and make suggestions as well ;)

Team Beast Beta
per month

In this tier:

·all Alpha team benefits

·my private tumblr to get to know me better, where I talk a bit more about my passions and why I'm doing what I'm doing, I'm also thinking of doing giveaways on this tumblr ;)

·invites to play certain multiplayer games with me (this will be limited) cuz I can't invite everyone all at once, but I will do my best to give everyone a chance, feel free to hold me to it

·and last but not least, shoutouts!!!

I want people to know who my awesome supporters are, either by text on the screen or verbal you will be recieving cred for the support you give! :)

Team Beast Omega
Limited (4 of 4 remaining)
per month

In this tier:

·alpha and beta team benefits

·my Snapchat, get to know me even more

·exclusive patreon posts

·fireteam access, when I play squad/co-op based games you can play with me, and be a part of my firteam! so games like Anthem, or any of the Battle Royale titles out now, especially, Mainly Apex Legends ;)




per month


|Entrepreneur|Gamer|Nerd|Husband|Jesus Freak|Come hang out with me while I play games and stuff 😉

ps: I'm just starting out so bear with me😣
I'm in the process of turning my basement into some sort of studio for this new journey!
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