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is creating a Creative Tribe and Studio
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STUDIO SUNDAYs are your chance to play with the die cutter and other resources. Bring your own project, or try out something new. Explore new ideas in the resource library. Get feedback on your creations, chat with fellow creators, bring a friend ($15 at studio) or just relax and take a break from the "real" world.

STUDIO SUNDAYs will be held 3 Sundays/month and are informal - drop-in anytime from Noon-8pm.

Virtual TRIBE
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Want to join the TRIBE and show your support, but can't make it to the Studio in person? You can still follow what's going on and post comments and questions in the Community section! We'll do our best to find answers and provide feedback.
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Help keep the Studio running, and we'll help spread the BUZZZZ about your business!

Pledge any amount, $30 or more, and get your name/biz name listed on the website with a clickable link. Send us your business cards and/or flyers and we'll display them at the studio.

If you have a product that would be of interest to artists, writers, or crafters - we'd love to play with it at a STUDIO SUNDAY. And if it's really cool - we'll post about it too!

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Get use of the space, chairs, tables, die cutter, Resource Library, wifi access, post on blog, sell and advertise at Open Studios, Teach at Art Swarms, wholesale art supply purchases, participate in CHALLENGES and Art Tribe.

Teachers can use The BeeHive on Weekdays between 3pm and 9pm and Saturdays between 9am and 9pm for up to 10 hours. Up to 5 hours can be private, reserved hours (no one else is using the space).

Teachers who host an Art Tribe STUDIO SUNDAY can earn extra Studio hours!

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Also open to SPONSORS!

Want to help support a group that needs a Space to meet? Choose this reward tier and give the Group info, Address, and Leader's name in the Notes section. Or just say "SPONSOR" and we'll apply your donation to a group.

Do you belong to a cool organization? The BeeHive is perfect for Meet-ups, retreats, meetings and workshops. Get the same perks and Studio hours as the TEACHER TRIBE.

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Rule the HIVE!

Up to 5 private, reserved studio hours and 5 shared studio hours for teaching or meetings. Unlimited personal use. Your own key. Wifi access, author privileges on blog, sell/advertise at Open Studios, Teach at Art Swarms, group wholesale art supply purchases, participate in Challenges and Art Tribe, use tables, chairs, die cutter, resource library, ads/flyers at The BeeHive, host one Art Tribe STUDIO SUNDAY per month.




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About Sandy B.

Hi! Welcome to The BeeHive! This Studio has gone through many incarnations... and re-incarnations... starting as an illustration studio in Charlottesville, VA designing rubber stamps (Bartholomew's Ink Rubber Stamps - now owned by StampFrancisco), painted furniture, and murals... evolving into Beez Ink Stamps, and BeezInk Studio for furniture, printmaking, illustration and Zentangle®... this all morphed and expanded into a store and teaching studio in New Hampshire called Wingdoodle

After more than 10 years of creative fun, Wingdoodle closed up shop and I used the space as The BeeHive, teaching classes and searching for fellow creative-types to hang out with. This search took me to Vermont to the Center for Cartoon Studies for a Masters in Applied Cartooning.

Now that I am back in NH, I've set up a new studio space in the Concord Community Arts Center in Concord, NH.  The BeeHive is back! It's new and improved and ready to get to work!

The space I've created has work tables, meeting tables, lots of chairs, tons of huge windows, high ceilings, giant chalkboards, a couch, a resource library with books about all kinds of art, business, crafts..., a storage area for art supplies and a large Accu-cut die cutter with lots of different kinds of dies, and there's a small fridge too.

I'll keep adding to the collections of books and supplies - and of course the murals!

My ultimate goal with this space is to create a home for my art tribe - where creative souls can give and receive support, feedback, and encouragement on individual and collaborative projects. I'm searching for other creative folks who are looking for positive, real-life social interactions, with a focus on the paper arts... drawing, stamping, collage, Zentangle®, book arts, printmaking, journaling, mixed-media, creative writing, illustration, lettering, teaching art...

There will be classes, meetings, retreats, professional development, Open Studios, and collaborative Challenges. 

Now that the space is built, it's time to start building the Tribe. The first step is to find Sponsors and Patrons to make sure the Studio can keep running!

Please take a look at the different levels of Sponsorship and Membership and see what suits you. You can pledge any amount equal to the Reward level you choose, or higher! Keep in mind that the pledge amount is monthly and billed at the beginning of each month.

What if you want to make a one-time donation? Great! You could choose a level, for example, "Studio Sponsor" and enter the amount you want to pledge. Finish entering your info, and checkout. After Patreon has processed your pledge (at the beginning of the month - or the next if it's already late in the month - then you can cancel your pledge before the next month.

If you just want to watch and see what happens - you can "Follow" the Project without making a pledge.

This is definitely a work-in-progress!! So if you have any questions - or cool ideas - or helpful suggestions - please DO email or leave a comment in the Community section.

And Thanks SO MUCH! I'm incredibly excited to see what happens and share it with you!

Sandy Bartholomew

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