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About The Berry Guild


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[NOTICE: This game contains content not suitable for children or those who are easily offended. Please play and support at your own discretion. (Suggestive themes, crude humor, strong language, alcohol use, alcohol reference, and sudden loud noises)] 

About the Studio

The Berry Guild is a virtual visual novel studio that consists of friends from all over the world from a variety of different creative backgrounds such as animation, music, art, and voice-over who are brought together by our shared passion for storytelling. We are working hard to make the "I'm Oh, So Busy" series possible and are aiming to create more visual novels in the near future. Anyone can become a member of The Berry Guild, including you! The studio is owned and operated by me, Berry. 

Our Current Project and the Future

"I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi" is a dark comedy/drama/slice-of-life visual novel that explores that life and times of 23 1/2-year-old Yoshimi Adelina Hertz as she makes her way in the world after finishing school. It combines a western style of writing with an anime-esque visual style. In addition to the art, this visual novel features a large voice cast and various lo-fi tracks from producers idealism, furino, CRÆTION, and EXCLUSIVE tracks from CYGN and Axian. The visual novel also focuses on various themes such as mental health, purpose, meaning, desire, and the struggle between modernity in the face of traditionalist upbringing. Yoshimi goes into this new world armed with nothing but her head full of dreams, relics from her childhood, but still struggles with self-sabotage and being maladjusted from childhood.

This is the first in a series of visual novels that I'd like to make involving the "I'm Oh, So Busy" story. Our studio is also planning to make more projects in the future using different art styles and crew members. This is our only visual novel that is out right now. 


  • Story, Art Direction, Design, Music Production - berry
  • Programming - berry & Dodobro 
  • Backgrounds - Fuyu No Kawa
  • Sprites & GUI - Erickiwi
  • Script Editors - berry & DefeatedSanity 
  • Sound Effects - FreeSound, SoundBible, Soundsnap, YouTube
  • Animation - RingoBonBon
  • Yoshimi Adelina Hertz - Anastasia Lyle (@EiScreamu)
  • Michael Hertz - Poppletron (@PoppletronVA)
  • Eriko Honda-Hertz - Amanda "Panda" Parker (@ZaPanda_VA)
  • Stu Jeffery Bennet - Darrel Andre Humphrey
  • Mrs. Bergen - Amy Saville (@SavilleVoices)
  • Derek - Michael “Speedlemon” Flaherty (@Speedlemon)
  • Hamad - Jackmack
  • Vivaan Manikivasakam - Mike Vallas (@mvallas)
  • Nathan Skies - Joshua Waters (@TunnelVa)
  • Gym Leader - Kevin Couto (@KCoutoVA)
  • Airport Worker - Kevin Couto



  • CRÆTION - Snowed In
  • CRÆTION - Blossom
  • CRÆTION - Cosma
  • CRÆTION - Dark Sides
  • CRÆTION - Memory
  • CRÆTION - tmrrw.
  • idealism - last time
  • CRÆTION - Time and Place
  • CRÆTION - Summer Sky
  • CRÆTION - Beachside
  • CRÆTION - Cherry Blossum
  • CRÆTION - Lullaby
  • CRÆTION- Savy
  • CRÆTION- Wish
  • furino- listen to tommy with a candle burning
  • Axian - The Plan [EXCLUSIVE TRACK]


If you are a patron who has over $5 of lifetime patronage or higher, you'll receive a free copy of the game. All of the standard tier rewards will be distributed by the end of the first month of your patronage, if you have any problems with receiving your reward, please message us at [email protected]. All questions, comments, and concerns can be directed to this email address. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

This page is for monthly donations, if you want to make any one-time donations to our studio to help us in production, please visit my official website listed below. Our PayPal link can be found there. 



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Our official TwitchTwitter, and YouTube channel are all at the top of the page. 

❤A message from Yoshimi!

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❤A message from Vivaan!
$0 of $100 per month
$100 will go towards completing the character designs of Vivaan, an Indian migrant working in America, and Stu, a middle-aged and disabled war veteran.

All made by the talented Erikiwi! (@Erickiwi_Art)

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