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Well, if this isn't the best day ever, I don't know what is.  Hey everyone, look! This person is actually considering donating $5 a month! If they do, I'm going to send them a handwritten 'thank you' note (possibly with a free terrible doodle). They'll also gain access to early chapter releases and the prior rewards.




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Hello there, stranger. 
Please prepare yourself to be pitched at, repeatedly.

My name is Jake Lewsey and I'm a creator of things, for lack of a better term. 

If you recognise my snaggle-toothed mug, you've probably seen the unpopular series of travel films I make called 'A Little Slice Of...', or maybe you've read some of my stories over on The Chestnut Cottage!

Y- you haven't?

Well, I'm also squirrelled away in other corners of the Internet, working on original audio content, making short films and animations, comic books, video games, and zines.

At the moment, I'm studying Media Production in the murky depths of Cardiff: the capital city of a country often mislabelled as England. I'm lucky enough to be studying a course which I find simply massages my creative juice-maker and I'm constantly making something for the citizens of the Internet. At the moment, this takes the form of free-to-read chapters of serial stories, produced weekly for The Chestnut Cottage (when I'm not distracted by other projects!). 

Most recently, I've been working on a set of of audio dramas for Misfit's Audio, a short comedy film about vegan vampires, and finishing up a piece of surreal interactive fiction called "The Loosely Construed Escapades of Clementine Lion", developed in Twine. 

You can check out the old demo here.

I'm not looking to fund The Chestnut Cottage as a full-time venture! The donations that I receive will be stuffed into a funnel and used to compensate collaborators and fund bigger projects, in order to take the world by storm~! Pen and paper, or keyboard and Internet connection, will never get boring but there are so many art forms out there, and you have no idea what kind of spectacular nonsense I pull out of my head on a daily basis.

The list of future projects is heavy and unending, and I hope you enjoy what The Chestnut Cottage will produce in the future.

I love you a little bit,
Jake Lewsey
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In honour of exceeding my expectations, I will toss away my 35p instant noodle packet and buy a luxurious 65p cup noodle like a gosh darn king.

I will also eat it on camera whilst reading the book of your choosing, possibly in a silly hat if that's your bag.
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