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You are a guy who represents the nuts and bolts of programming and your support is very welcome. Read and digest my content at will.
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You help to get things rolling at a pace and your contribution definitely helps grease the wheels of my operation. Therefor I’ll be happy to give you access to my source code repository where you can directly download the full source for my tutorials. 
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Like me, you are a chameleon who doesn’t care what language we’re talking, as long as it involves programming. Your contribution honors me and as a thank you I will also provide you with smaller programming nuggets along the way that might be useful to you.




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Hi, I’m Guido Henkel and I’ve been a Codewarrior since 1983—a professional game developer and programmer going back to the days of 8-bit computers. Since my early days on the Apple][, I’ve always been extremely open about my work and often shared my experience at events like the Game Developers Conference (GDC). Now it's time to begin sharing programming bits and bobs here on Patreon. I do the work, you use it!

What you can expect

I’ve always been a bit of a tinkerer. While I’ve programmed, designed, and produced numerous commercial games over the years, the long-haul of the development is often less interesting to me than the exploration of techniques, technologies, and tidbits. I’ve always preferred working on small and fairly specific modules that allow me to explore, tweak and refine methodologies and techniques. Now I will make stuff so you don't have to!

Expect to see small programming solutions, tips & tricks, as well as tutorials that have been designed for C# in Unity3D, Python, C++ or some other languages. Regardless of the platform, however, I will explain the underpinnings to make sure you will understand how the solution works so that you can apply that knowledge to other platforms and languages if need be. My intention is to teach, not to offer complete key-turn solutions.

Your contribution will give you access to code, concepts, to materials, research and information that you can immediately put to use!

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$150 per month for my programming tips? If we can do that, I'll happily drop additional, small nuggets of code here and there, just for the fun of it!
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