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Thank You for becoming my patron!I have no words to describe how much I am grateful for Your support!Its a great honor to see that there are people who find my work valuable and worthy of financial support!Total online strangers decide to use their hard earned money to help the Connector Show grow and make the world a better place although they NEVER MET ME BEFORE!? AMAZING!!!Do You agree?YOU HAVE JUST PROVEN that it IS possible for people from ALL sides to connect around the idea that WE ALL MUST UNITE in order to make the world a better place!You are a SPECIAL PERSON!You have just made the world a better and safer place to live in for future generations!

Your support will be used to connect the whole world into one,to CONNECT PEOPLE WITH THEIR HEARTS,so they would realize that we are ALL BASICALLY THE SAME and that confrontations between countries of ANY KIND MUST STOP FOREVER!I am just a guy who wants to change the world,and You have just become the member of the Connector Show's team!Congratulations!

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Hello and welcome to the Connector Show!
What makes the Connector Show DIFFERENT?The Connector Show is a show,which COULD AND SHOULD BE LIKED BY ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD,because it's about UNITING THE WHOLE WORLD INTO ONE,around the idea that we ALL want to create a BETTER AND SAFER WORLD FOR OUR KIDS,a WORLD WITHOUT WARS!It's about uniting around the idea,that we ALL share the SAME basic values
(we all want peace,stability,prosperity etc)and that our differences
(way of life,culture,religion,state organization etc)are ALL supposed to unite us!Simple isnt't it?I will first write a SHORT intro,before the main text below.According to expert recommendations,I know I should have written less,but I JUST COULDN'T HAVE, because I HAD TOO MUCH TO SAY!!!Creators are supposed to put a lot of work into explaining in order to show HOW MUCH THEY CARE about what they do!I put a LOT of heart and work into the Connector Show,so I HAD to do a LOT of explaining!!!So,PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE and read the WHOLE text,before you decide,if You like the show and if You should become my
patron!The whole world is connected with internet in a way that people can communicate,BUT are people of the world connected WITH THEIR HEARTS INTO ONE?Are people REALLY COMMUNICATING?Is the internet being used to TRULY CONNECT AND UNITE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD INTO ONE,so the world will FINALLY start building a BETTER AND SAFER WORLD WITHOUT WARS FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS?
THAT is the TRUE PURPOSE of the Connector Show!CONNECTING THE WHOLE WORLD INTO ONE ON INTERNET!I put the script from the first video below for You to read.Please read it slowly and watch the video.
I hope that You will find the Connector Show valuable and decide to support it as a patron!I am JUST A GUY WHO WANTS TO CHANGE THE WORLD,and You could ONLY become the member of WORLD CHANGING CONNECTOR SHOW'S TEAM!If this team is not worthy of joining,then what team IS???Future awaits,OUR KIDS EXPECT THIS FROM US,LET'S CONNECT AND CHANGE THE WORLD TOGETHER!!!

Sincerely,the Connector

                THE SCRIPT - What Connector Show is about video

Hello and welcome to the Connector Show.I am the Connector and I will
be Your host today!The topic of the Connector Shows first episode is "What Connector show is about".So,I will try to explain to You as best as possible. In the past,I was always and still am,very unhappy with the world politics and how nations were pushed against each other on different levels,while most of the people on both sides WERE JUST NORMAL PEOPLE,who wanted peace,stability and prosperity.
I always felt a strong urge to try to spread that message throughout the
world,to connect people from whole world,and try to get the nations closer.That is why I decided to start a Youtube channel called "The Connector Show".The Connector Show broadcasted world wide,on this marvellous technology called internet,could allow me to do that,to spread the message that we are all the same and that there is no need for confrontation,to connect people and get people from all sides closer. So,The Connector Show is about connecting the whole world into ONE!!!

The Connector Show is about promoting the differences of the people and using them to connect people,its about deeply connecting with the audience and allowing the audience to participate in the show with their differences,so we could make an interesting episode together,which could be sometimes funny,sometimes serious,but in general it would spread the message that we are all one,that we are all interesting and that we all matter,which would affect people of the world positively,reduce tensions between countries and it would be interesting to watch. No matter where you come from,what you do,what age,race,religion or background you are,you can still participate in the show with YOUR ideas,proposals,stories,you can even send interesting pictures or videos from your life,which could be used for making the show etc.Every person is interesting,unique and the episode can be made around that person!

I never liked the fact that in MOST successful TV shows mainly "famous and successful" people get invited,what ever that means!But what about the rest of human kind,what about so called "simple little people"?Don't they also matter?Therefore,the Connector Show is about people with ALL BACKGROUNDS!It does not matter if you are famous and successful or so called "simple little person",you are all invited to the Connector Show! WE ARE ALL ONE AND WE ALL MATTER!!!
The Connector Show is about connecting with the ONLY people in the world who CAN make a difference:THE PEOPLE WITH A GOOD HEART! There are people with good heart in ALL COUNTRIES and ALL backgrounds.The show is about promoting the idea that your abilities,what ever you may have,are about making the world better and helping others!Not for arrogance and selfishness!

People forget that that we ALL share the SAME BASIC VALUES,which should be heavily promoted and used to UNITE PEOPLE!For example,all normal people(I think that at least 99% of people are normal) want HAPPINESS,PEACE,FREEDOM,SAFETY,PROSPERITY,good job with a good salary,good education,healthcare,healthy kids having a good and safe life etc. So,lets unite around these values!
The Connector Show will work on promoting:
a)mutual values which unite people,which are NOT promoted enough
b)the differences between people in the right way,
which will unite people

The world needs to connect into ONE like never before in the history,
since the humankind is literally on the verge of self destruction,with nuclear weapons and climate change.Why is that like that?How can two countries or two sides be pushed into a war or be stuck in never ending loop of confrontation?I think that the answer is VERY SIMPLE!

The differences between two sides are ALWAYS misused and used to PUSH people against each other,which is absurd!In reality,the differences between people are supposed to UNITE people,to get them closer and make the world more interesting and beautiful!
In reality,people ARE popular BECAUSE they are different!Everybody say,be yourself,be unique,be different!Everybody ask,what IS that makes you so different from others and more interesting?
In reality,for example,if American man marries Russian woman OR if a Russian man marries American woman,both couples will be MORE attractive and interesting in their societies,if we really look deep into our hearts,just BECAUSE they are different from the rest.
I am raising the question:Is different something that makes each society

Unfortunately,people are usually brainwashed to think that different is a threat,which must be confronted. Media system is a clear example.Just think about how many times Your heard something bad about different people from different countries in the world. You indirectly get the message that different way of life,laws,political system,religion etc is a threat to You,just because its different from You. In reality 99% of the people on the other side are good people and

The differences are being used to confront people going from personal level(between two persons) to even international level(between two countries),where the differences can even be used as an excuse for an invasion.Example of those misused differences are different human rights,political system,religion etc. One sides differences are always presented as a threat where the other side must confront it in order to neutralize it. So,different way of life,religion,political,economical system,"different rights system",different race is presented as a
threat,which must be neutralized.That is why today wars are constantly waged somewhere in the world,that is why there are tensions between worlds powers and countries,which are growing and the world is constantly getting closer and closer to WW3,which could mean the destruction of humankind and the life we know it. In reality there are only two groups of people:the GOOD PEOPLE and the BAD PEOPLE.
I personally have love for ALL the people of the world,NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE!The only thing I care about is if they are GOOD people OR if they are BAD people!THAT'S IT!!!

 Since the differences are being used to push people and nations against each other on different levels,the solution the Connector Show offers is to promote the TRUE PURPOSE OF DIFFERENCES,which is that DIFFERENCES EXIST IN ORDER TO UNITE PEOPLE and to make the world more attractive and interesting!THAT'S IT!The purpose is to get people CLOSER and NOT FARTHER!

Therefore,no matter who You are,where You come from,what You do,what age,culture,what religion,status etc,I am honored to invite You to participate in this show and help me build the Connector Show by PROMOTING YOUR DIFFERENCES and HOW DIFFERENT YOU ARE!
I want to show to the world how different You are and I am PROUD that You are DIFFERENT THAN ME and the rest of the world!I want to show
to the world about Your background,country,profession,culture,religion,
way of life,opinions on different matters etc.Just to underline something!All ages are welcome,from kids to older people in pension!

There are DIFFERENT WAYS how you could participate in the show:
1)You could just TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF,who You are,what You do,what country You are from and I would try to connect with You and Your differences, and make a show about You,Your background,job,Your country etc.There are 195 countries in the world,so I would be honored to make a show about ALL OF THEM!Let me dream a bit at the
moment!I am imagining people from ALL the countries of the world sending me ideas,proposals and video materials for the show.I would use their feedback to make a show about each country or
city or village they are from,and promote the BEAUTIFUL DIFFERENCES of this world.That way the audience would also help promote their country or city or village,which could increase the tourism. So,governments of those countries should and could get interested and involved in the Connector Show. So basically,the Connector Show is what every country could and should get involved in!Imagine if somebody could visit all the countries of the world in just one place,the Connector Show.The visitor could quickly travel around the world and discover HOW BEAUTIFULLY DIFFERENT we all are,but still,HOW VERY SIMILAR we all are,since we all want the same basic key values: HAPPINESS,PEACE,FREEDOM,SAFETY,PROSPERITY etc.
I am sure that such a wonderful travel would help the world unite and get nations closer!So,we all share the SAME BASIC VALUES 
At the same time we all can be DIFFERENT in some ways(different nation,culture,religion,political system,human rights system etc)and those differences are ALSO supposed to UNITE US and make us all MORE interesting to each other for exploration!
So,mutual values we share and differences between us
I want to underline something deeply!
We are all unique individuals so we all MUST be interesting.There has to be something unique and special about every individual!We might not be aware of that,but that something needs to come out.And that something could come out in the Connector Show!
For example,if You tell me what country You are from,EVERY country is interesting on its own way so I could make a show just about Your country,or just about Your profession,or just about Your way of life etc.Please don't hesitate to contact me!You might just be surprised to discover how interesting You are and how interesting show we could make together,by promoting your differences!!!

Imagine what would happen,if everybody would be the same,the same
nation,culture,religion,way of life etc.The world would be a very boring place,do You agree???Traveling would be very boring as there would be nothing to explore.Where ever You come,You would see the same thing You saw many times before.With other words,

2)You could participate in the show just by SUGGESTING INTERESTING TOPICS/WORLD EVENTS for the show.The Connector show will sometimes make a show around commenting interesting topics or world events,which will be PICKED BY ME OR THE AUDIENCE.

3)You could tell me about interesting EVENTS that happened in Your life
You could send images/videos about the event and I would make a show around that.

4)You could tell me interesting STORIES that happened to You or
somebody else.The Connector show will sometimes make a show
by telling interesting stories which will be picked by me OR they will be private stories from the audience.I think that every person is a story on its own because every person is unique!You could even send interesting images or videos,related to topics,events,and stories which could be used for the show.

5)You could send a "GREETING IMAGE OR VIDEO".
For example You can send a simple video like "Hello this is Mike,greetings from some town in some country.Glad to participate in
the Connector Show".And You wave into the camera!You could put the mask on or choose not to show the face etc.There are MANY WAYS how You could do this,so relax,be creative and LET YOUR IMAGINATION GO WILD!There are many possibilities how You could participate in the Connector Show and help me connect the world a better place!Imagine if the Connector show would get a greeting image or video from all 195 countries of the world!It would be a mind blowing achievement and I would be deeply honored to see that!Just imagine if I could make an intro video from those greetings!ONLY THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

6)You could suggest to participate in a DIFFERENT WAY,which was not
mentioned!The Connector Show will ALWAYS be opened to suggestions!The Connector Show could grow and unlock its full potential ONLY with the maximum help and participation of you,THE AUDIENCE!!! I would be deeply honored to get suggestions from all over
the world and accept them!Feel free to contact me NOT just in order to participate but JUST to comment the Connector Show and tell me if You like it,dislike it and why.Let me dream a bit at the moment!I am just sitting back,relaxing and looking at the whole world participating and improving the Connector Show,LIKE ONE BEING!The whole world is ONE,the Connector Show is just getting bigger and better,while differences from the world are improving it and proving that differences when united,ARE THE BIGGEST STRENGTH OF THE WORLD!!!Every different unique individual from different part of the world contributes
to the show and makes it better!This is a wonderful fantasy,do you agree?I really hope it will become reality!

7)If Your country has problems with another country,say so and lets try
to promote the solution for the conflict!You would help both countries and help make the world a better place!

The Connector show will try to promote mutual values that unite all people of the world,which will hopefully influence many people positively and help build the world a better and safer place to live in!

This is the basic idea of the Connector Show.ALL PEOPLE MATTER and ALL PEOPLE ARE ONE and this is something that should be constantly promoted throughout the world,IF that would happen,I am sure that all wars would stop forever and that world would be a much better place to

I analyzed different Youtube channels.I was shocked to discover that the creators of those Youtube channels CAN'T be contacted by email by their audience.They can be contacted ONLY for business proposals. SO,I am raising the question:is that caring for the audience?I DON'T THINK SO!Just think about it.MILLIONS of people watch somebody's Youtube channel(a few million people is a small nation)and they support the creator by watching his videos,the creator gets famous and even rich,creators life changes,and after all of that,the creator doesn't respond to audience emails?Shouldn't the creator be more grateful to the audience??

I know that maybe the creator is too busy,or gets thousands of emails and cant answer them all BUT at least the creator should offer the possibility to be contacted by the audience by making the email address just for the audience.And if the creator cant respond to all of emails,at least he should respond to some of them,right?

So,I think that EVERY Youtube channel should have the email address JUST for the audience. Do you agree?Creators only interaction with the audience is when they respond to Youtube comments and in most cases they don't respond at all.Again,is that caring for the audience???
Therefore I will give my best to respond to my audience emails and messages as much as possible within my human abilities and prove that I care about the audience and that I am grateful for their support!

I would be very honored and happy to turn the Connector Show into a full time job, so I could quit my current job which I hate.Yes,
unfortunately most people hate their job, but survival is a survival.If You become my patron and support financially my show,my dreams could come true.I could quit my job and do something I really like,something that captures my heart,and that is connecting the people of the world!Will I succeed in my intention or not,THAT WILL DEPEND FROM YOU PATRONS!

You can support the show by contributing from $1 to $1000 000 each month!I mentioned 1 million in case some very rich person drops by. To those people contributing 1 million is like contributing 1 dollar to somebody else.That's a clear example how DIFFERENCES COULD AND SHOULD BE USED TO IMPROVE THE WORLD!Patrons should support the show in according to their financial abilities!
ALL PATRONS ARE IMPORTANT and all patrons help improve the world NO MATTER how much they contribute each month,that is the key!Just imagine what kind of show I could make with a good financial support.I could buy much better equipment,make a professional studio,hire crew
etc.The show could grow into a TV cable show,it could travel around the world,ONLY THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!

I am putting my heart into the Connector Show.I deeply believe that this show could help make a world better and safer place. Weather the Connector Show will succeed or fail will depend from the patrons support and the Youtube audience in general.If the Connector Show would be supported with just $1000/month,that would literally CHANGE MY LIFE!I could quite the job I hate and really put maximum efforts into the Show.I already put a lot of effort into the show and I hope that You will realize that!If You analyze the intro video,music,logo,
green screen,style,outfit and the basic idea of the show,you will see that I REALLY PUT MY HEART INTO IT, and that I AM REALLY DEEPLY PASSIONATE AND SERIOUS ABOUT THE SHOW!!!
My e-mail address is [email protected] free to contact me on ANY reason,weather You would like to participate in the show OR weather You would just like to comment the show and express your opinion, and tell me if You like it or dislike it and why.
ANY feedback will be appreciated!

 I hope that You will find The Connector Show valuable,recommend me to others,subscribe to my Youtube channel and become my Patron.

                                                                        Sincerely,The Connector
$0 of $1,000 per month
Achieving this goal would literally change my life!I would quit the job I hate and fully commit to the Connector Show!Help me change the world and let's connect!
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