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About The Cupid Of Business

The Cupid of Business has the gift to create connections on every level. To see possibilities and solutions which seem impossible on first sight.

To connect, progress, work together, create and think of new projects which helps us all move forward. Towards sustainability. Affordable and circular solutions.

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In the Netherlands there is a shortage in (affordable) housing. This is a huge problem as we are talking about a number as large as 1.000.000.

But, there is hope. Due to a new law and the statements of our Minister Ollongren, it is possible to temporary change zoning plans (by 15 years) trough permit applications.

Although, it is difficult to get this trough. If you look at the Tiny Houses initiatives, these are popular but yet the numbers are too small to 'demand' the changes necessary. Eventually they managed to build 70 Tiny Houses but only after 19 months of negotiations.

This is where The Cupid of Business can make thé change. Due to a large network of trusted connections which hold all the parties involved to make these projects a reality.

The only thing which is missing, is the budget ánd the proof of all the people which are interested for this to come true. And this is, how this page came to be.

Because beside this project, there are so many more. When this is worked out we already have the plan ready to work on affordable, pérmanent housing.

We want to work towards a sustainable, affordable future for everyone. To create a living which helps people further and gives them opportunity to move forward and for this;
We need your help.

Would you want to be a part of this and help with a monthly fee? Your participation would be highly appreciated.
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