Maxwell I. Gold

is creating weird literature, short stories and prose fiction.
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This tier will give you access to newly published work as well as my personal notes on the Cyber Gods Mythos. 

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All the previous benefits, including first access to new songs I write for the Lovecraft musical, and drafts for new short stories and prose poems. 

Gateway to the Cyber Pantheon
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All the previous benefits, including a limited circulation high resolution digital illustration of my Cyber God, Ad'Naigon by Dan Sauer, cover artist and illustrator.

The tier image was designed by Dan Sauer for my prose poem, Cyber Things which was published in issue #6 of The Audient Void: A Journal for Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy.




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About Maxwell I. Gold

The Cyber Gods are coming, from the blackest depths of space with each starquake they are coming closer. My prose fiction and stories tell their stories, wandering profanities, and muse about the strange comings and goings of those who cross the path of these new gods and creatures.

Check out my content to see new stories and prose pieces as well as updates on "I am Providence: The Lovecraft Musical"!

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