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6+ level of enjoyment - "Not Too Horrible"  
You're helping make the show work...and you probably enjoy a full episode on a roll of a 6!  To show our thanks you have access to our Patreon comments area.  Craig and Russ are there frequently and will respond to your comments often!
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5+ level of enjoyment- "Lost Chapters"
You like our work on a 5+...which means just about one of the three main segments of the show floats your boat.  Glad to hear it!  To show our thanks, not only do you get access to our Patreon comments area but we'll also post our Lost Chapter* content to Patreon so 5+ patrons and above can download them directly from Patreon links.

* We'll always consider "The Lost Chapters" to be bonus content, meaning that when we post them they will not count as "episodes" that patrons 'tip' when they go up.
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4+ level of enjoyment - "Let's Hang Out"
You like about half of what we do and generally find us not too horrible.  Thank you so much!  In addition to access to the Patreon comments area and Lost Chapters via Patreon, we're gonna kick it up a notch:

Google Hang Outs
Once every 2 months, Craig and Russ will host a Google hang out and invite all the "4+ Patrons" to join us.  We'll talk about what you've enjoyed in recent episodes, ideas for upcoming shows, answer any questions you have about what we've covered, and just have fun.

Show Topic/Improvement Ideas
We'll also post special topics in the Patreon discussion area just for 4+ Patrons.  These discussions will include what we're working on for upcoming episodes, and we'll ask for your feedback on what we should cover first.  Basically, whenever we start thinking about new ideas, we'll bounce them around in the 4+ discussions first.




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Howdy D6G Fans,

Welcome to our Patreon page.  Hopefully the above video got you through the basics of what Patreon is: A way for you to support us, a way for us to better interact with you, and a way for all of us to build a community.

To date, we've been supporting the show primarily via advertising.  That's how we get the money for web hosting, audio equipment, editing software, computers, convention costs, and all the other things it takes to make a successful podcast and cover the kinds of things you'd like us to cover.  

But Patreon offers us a new way to fund those things: You the listener can support the show directly and 'tip' us every time we produce a new full-length episode.  This kind of support is very exciting because it means those who support us are the same folks we make the show for: our audience!  

If our primary support comes from you, our listeners, then we can focus all of our attention on you. We can increase how interactive the show is, get more feedback from you, and be sure we're talking about the things you want to hear about and less about the things you don't.

In short: It is our hope that Patreon will allow us to reduce, perhaps even someday eliminate, our dependence on advertisers while giving us the opportunity to spend more time on the show and better engage with you, our listeners.  

As always, thanks for listening! And please accept our sincere gratitude for all your past, present, and future support.

- Craig & Russ

"Supporting the show helps it grow."
$233 of $400 per Episode
At this level we'll be able to add something we've talked about for a long time: A live chat room! You, our patrons, will be able to listen to us live while we record Achievements in Gaming, and even interact with us via a chat room in real time.
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