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Hello reader!

A few months ago, I wanted to make a game to call my own. The only problem was that I was new to game making and knew little about HTML Twine/ Sugarcube. This inspired me to create a game known as “Stress Free”, which can be found here:

Now with experience under my belt and some very useful feedback from you all. I feel that I am ready to reveal my plans for my next game, “The Black Swan" a Twine/ Sugarcube game.

About the game: The game is about you, the player, being captured by a mysterious facility and being told to complete a series of challenges in order to earn your freedom! Little do you know that each of these challenges are not what they seem.

Progress: I am currently in my research phase, and have planned out a prologue as well as a general idea for the story. I have also created character profiles for important NPCs as well as a general plan for the challenges the player will encounter.

Q & A:
  • What kind of game is “The Black Swan”
    • The game is a semi-linear Twine/ Sugarcube project that focuses primarily on player transformation and their interaction with one of four companions that will encourage them to go down a certain transformation path. The player is not obligated to go down that path, but if the player doesn’t, the companion might not be too happy.
  • “Companion?” Tell me more
    • Good question voice in my head! The companion will be an AI that will accompany you throughout your transformation. So far there are four AIs, each with their own motivation and goals.
  • What kind of transformation should I be expecting?
    • The primary transformation type is gender transformation. However, as the you go through the game, more specific transformations (breast, ass, face, genitalia) will be available.

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