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Commissioned art!
$200 per month
Seba is normally spending most of his time making comic pages, but at $200 a month we can afford to commission some other awesome artists to draw things like pin ups, wall papers, etc.
3 Pages a Week!
$400 per month
If we reach $400 a month, we can hopefully pay Seba for enough of his time to boost the update schedule to 3 days a week.  It would probably be MWF.
We meet our costs!
$600 per month
Currently, Nick pays Sebastian from what he makes at his other job.  He's been funding The Demon Archives because he loves it and the story.  If we can make $600 a month, we'll be meeting our costs instead of Nick spending his own money on it!  That would be awesome and would guarantee that we keep producing content, even if job situations change.


I'm an MD/PhD student by trade, but a storyteller by calling, writing The Demon Archives in my "spare" time.


Piscataway Township, NJ, USA

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The Demon Archives is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story set in 2100s Earth, after world war and economic calamity end civilization as we know it.  Told as a graphic novel, we upload new pages twice a week.  I write the story, my brother is our webmaster, and Sebastian Piriz is our artist.  While my brother and I have other careers, Seba does this for a living.  Between paying him and maintaining the website, it really adds up.  Every dollar you donate will go towards producing more great content and bringing that content to you.

Below and in the Creations section are some samples of the art and the story.  You can read the rest for free online at our website, demonarchives.com.

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