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Project Photos & Outline Drawings, a PDF Tutorial, Tip Videos & access to the community group

$5 gives you access to
  • A short video tutorial per month (including the back catalogue)
  • Project photos and drawing guides (including the back catalogue)
  • Tips and Techniques videos (including the back catalogue)
  • A full step by step written PDF guide to go alongside the current month’s main video lesson. (but not the back catalogue of PDFs)
  • Access to the community support pages


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reward item
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All above PLUS lots more real time video tuition 

$10 gives you instant access to 
  • All of the $5 content PLUS
  • A 3-5 hour real time video tutorial for each monthly project (including the back catalogue) These are split into 4 or 5 sections and cover the entire project. I explain everything as I paint, I only speed up repetitive sections and I don’t use jargon!  You may see samples of these on other platforms, you get the full version here.
  • A complementary video tutorial featuring something you can add in to one of the main wildlife paintings.  Often these are botanical like a leaf or berry etc.  (including the back catalogue)


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reward item
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All the above PLUS guest membership to my website and 25% discount

$16 gives you access to
  • All the $5 & $10 content
  • I will create a guest membership for you on my website. Here you will find all the content that is currently on Patreon on a page which is much easier to navigate. Simply click on a tutorial and everything will be in one place for you.
  • You will also receive 25% discount off any PDFs you purchase from my online shop.



About Paul Hopkinson - Wildlife Artist

Welcome to my Patreon channel
  • Tutorials available to watch anytime 24/7, so you can choose and paint at your own pace.
  • A brand new 3-5 hour tutorial every month, so there's always something to paint.
  • An additional short 30-60 minute mini tutorial every month for those short painting times.
  • A complementary botanical project that you can add to your wildlife portraits.
  • A complete step by step PDF document for the current month's main tutorial.
  • Tips, tricks and techniques videos.
  • Plus extra video tips.
  • Join today and get instant access to 80+ video tutorials.
  • Work at entirely your own pace.
  • Learn to paint wildlife, all from the comfort of your own home.
  • I will guide you through every step of the painting from start to finish.
I started drawing when I was knee high to a grasshopper but didn’t pick up my first brush until the age of eleven. For many years I have undertaken watercolour, oil, acrylic and graphite commissions and have painted portraits, landscapes and animals. I now paint as a full time artist and have 40 years experience. I love every minute of my work!

My Patreon channel allows me to pass on my passion for watercolours.
I love to teach others the techniques I use to create my wildlife portraits and love even more to see the results that they achieve.
I do much prefer to film myself painting whilst chatting away at the same time, rather than recording a voice over after the painting is done. To me the way I do this gives you the feeling as if you are with me, sat by my side whilst I chat to you showing you what to do.
So painting with all the interruptions including the tractors, makes it even more real and less sterile.

For those of you who are not familiar with Patreon, I've given a brief overview below.  Once again thank you for looking up my page and I look forward to working with you.

Patreon is a subscription based platform; once you are a member you get access to the entire back catalogue of video tutorials  with new content uploaded monthly.

I am using my channel to teach others how to use the exciting medium of watercolour to paint wildlife. Take a look at what others have 
achieved already through my tuition. I have years of experience, let my friendly tuition help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made and don’t forget to clear a wall for all the lovely artwork you will soon be creating!

There are 6 levels of subscription depending on what you want. You can change your subscription and your level at any time. The site is in $, but you can subscribe from anywhere in the world. Should you be unsure whether my style of tuition will suit you have a go at painting the robinfrom start to finish.

Wren Level $5 gives you access to all project photos and drawing guides and a full step by step written guide for the current month’s lesson.  In addition you will get a short video - this may be a specific study or a whole project and includes those already in the back catalogue (note the images with the green $5 symbol).  You will have access to the community support pages, our private Facebook group and a variety of tips and techniques videos too.

Robin Level $10 gives you access to ALL of the above content PLUS a main project video tutorial and a complementary, often botanical, project to go alongside your main paintings.  I explain everything as I paint, I only speed up repetitive sections and I don’t use jargon! Take a look at the back catalogue of projects - you will have instant access to ALL of these.

Meerkat Level $16 gives you access to ALL the above content PLUS optional access to this content via my personal website.  You will be set up as a guest member and receive log in details, this offers an easier way to find the content quickly.  At this level you also get 25% discount off all my previous PDF tutorials.

Kingfisher Level $20 gives you access to ALL of the above content PLUS 1 critique per month.

Barn Owl Level $30 gives you access to ALL of the above content PLUS a monthly mystery gift delivered to your door.

Golden Eagle Level $50 gives you access to ALL of the above content PLUS a limited edition giclée print (1 of 25) taken from the current month's tutorial and my original watercolour painting.

Enough of me - finally, this is what some of my members have to say about my Patreon channel. Come and join them, I look forward to welcoming you to my channel too!

“In a matter of weeks you have transformed my painting abilities and I can’t thank you enough.” Joy

“What I want to say is that this was my absolute favorite tutorial yet! I feel sad that I am finished. Anyway, thank you so much for your wonderful ability to teach this old dog so many new tricks! I am enjoying painting so much more lately! Thank you!!” Sally

Thank you for an amazing tutorial. I am a beginner and found it easy to follow your instructions.” Marie
72% complete
To purchase new camera equipment to produce better quality videos
Firstly a massive thank you to everyone here, you are amazing!
Getting to this level will finally enable me to work many more hours for you here on Patreon. It will also enable me to upgrade my equipment and purchase a new camera, camera rigging, microphone and lighting to enable me to create even better videos. Giving you better colour and video quality along with better audio.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 705 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 705 exclusive posts

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