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About TheDynamicUniverse

Thank you for supporting The Dynamic Universe! We are a creative engine- turning out Graphic Comics, Music and Video. Help us generate new content by getting involved. We are Recording Artists Dynamics Plus, Domino Grey and Fallout Shelter. We are Mark of the Griffin. We are Dynamica Comics - serving you graphic comics and art. Our tastes swing from ambient to epic, from the symphonic to the synthetic. Thank you for joining us on this amazing ride. Together, we'll bring the far future - closer, faster.
Get involved for behind the page access, exclusive and un-edited content, new music and art. Add your voice and help decide where we go next. It's your universe. We're just here to make it more Dynamic. Thank you for your support. It means everything.
F.A.Q.The Dynamic Universe on Patreon

1) What do you create and release?
The Dynamic Universe is the combination of the AVXP music label (Dynamica Music) and Dynamica Comics. We are home to recording artist Dynamics Plus, electronic music producer Domino Grey and the instrumentalists Fallout Shelter. We produce graphic comics with the lead title being Force Six, The Annihilators. We have plans to branch into other mediums and properties. As we get a better idea and a reliable time frame, all of our Patreon supporters will be updated.

2) Can I just give you something in one lump sum?
Sure! What I suggest is heading over to the Dynamica Music store and grabbing a few titles. ( Grab multiple copies of the same release if you feel the urge to show some super love this way.

3) You have quite a collection already. Can we get your old stuff?
Web series and videos like Mark of the Griffin are free to watch and the entire released musical catalogue is available on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, CD Baby and everywhere digital music is sold. You can also buy it directly from the Dynamica Music store. Once you're a Patreon supporter, drop us a line and we'll talk about it. Speaking of which...

4) Do the Patreon $upporters have real influence?
Of course! This remains flexible. Give feedback and help build a better build. This is only 1.0
For Free Content, you should subscribe to the Dynamic Universe Blog, our channel and follow the various artists on the roster. Dynamics Plus, Domino Grey (@DominoGrey), Fallout Shelter, Mark of the Griffin(@MarkoftheGriffin) and The Dynamic Universe @DynamicaMusic.

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BONUS content may include
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- unedited version of graphic comics (Mature Version)
- Alternate artwork
- Behind the panels exclusive looks
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- and more is on the way!
Thank you for $upporting The Dynamic Universe!
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