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About Jackie St James

Who am I? 

When I began writing The Fiction Writing Maps, my job was clear: I had to distill a lifetime of reading novels and writing pedagogy into to a universal, easy-to-follow framework that would help fiction writers design great characters.

I began the project as a bolder and more comprehensive version that spanned Character, Scene and Setting in one volume. However, I realized the scope of that was far too broad. I focused on character first, keeping in mind that these components would overlap and come together by the end of the third book.

In this first book, I include not only my own work, but also links to the resources that supported my research. I scoured Amazon, Barnes & Noble, online libraries and scholarly resources to lay a firm foundation for The Fiction Writing Maps. I’ve added that list in the Resources section at the end of the book so that those who want to dig deeper can see the path that I took to arrive at the final product for A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Characters.

Jackie St. James holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in English and Writing Pedagogy. She lives and writes in Texas with her better and smarter half, three dogs, five chickens & a teacup polar bear.

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