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About TheGary

The game is an adult quest driven game. Your character will achieve "events" that will enable him (you) to see all the major fetishes, "disciplinary spanking" playing a major role in the story. It is divided into three chapters currently, you can download each separately and start playing whichever you like. The current recommended start points are either Chapter One or Chapter Two.

Chapter One focuses heavily on introduction and thus has a slower pace. If you want the full story and don't mind looking for occasional help from the walk-through or on Discord, start here. Chapter One consists of 67 events. Note that I started working on the game in 2018 and I like to think I became a lot better at creating renders, and other visuals and even game code in Python (OK, let's be honest I know I got better ;p ). So if you start at chapter 1 you should know the quality will increase by a lot as you keep playing. 

Chapter Two begins when you are done with the introduction. If you like to jump immediately into some of the heavier action, you can start here. A lot of things will be already unlocked compared to Chapter One. This chapter features improved visuals and animated scenes were starting to be introduced in this chapter as well. If you don't mind missing some of the story, you can start here and have a good experience. Chapter Two consists of 52 events.

Download Chapter 3: Current chapter check latest download post.
Chapter Three is what I'm currently working on. It's not recommended you start here, because it's still in progress but it's the latest chapter and it introduces several new NPCs and locations. This chapter is subdivided into episodes (one for each monthly release). I add on average nine to ten events per episode.

I'm a professional back-end web developer and I've been splitting my time between freelancing in my normal job and the game ever since I started back in 2018. That was 18 monthly updates ago and the game is still going strong.

Your support means that I'm able to dedicate time to the game continuously.

Last updated: 03/10/2020

$2,258.11 of $4,000 per month
We'll put even more hours into the writing, more dialogues for each update.
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