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-Help support TheGayGaston's next shoots and projects.  -Fan-exclusive advance access to photos.   
-Vote and comment to help choose which photo's make the cut. 
-Behind-the-Scenes pics from the photoshoots.  
-Access photos that have been (or would be) #Banned from Instagram
-More candid/personal Fan-exclusive updates from TheGayGaston

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All the above plus:

-Let TheGayGaston know you’re really #Swooning 

-A special shout-out on TheGayGaston’s Instagram Story
-Access to Bonus Bimbette Exclusive Posts 

-Special Bimbette discount on all Merch/swag/prints at TheGayShop


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-Be TheGayGaston’s right-hand man and top admirer

-Receive a unique signed Polaroid and hand written love letter from TheGayGaston just for you! 

-Be this first to know of any new upcoming projects

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About TheGayGaston

Welcome to TheGayGaston’s Patreon.

If you’re looking for that yellow dress or a singing teapot, sorry you won’t find that here. But if you’re looking for a gentlemen who’s every last inch is covered in hair; who’s specimen, (yes), is intimidating—then you’ve come to the right place!

Come one, come all: DisNerds, Bronys, Theater Geeks, Pokemon Trainers, Dolly-ites, Little Monsters. But most of all, this dedicated to the fans of TheGayGaston— here is a place to show me some love--and where I share more with you.

Pledge some support for my upcoming and some projects I’m working on such as: a couple of gallery showings, TheGayShop, perhaps a podcast, and more...

As a thanks for your contributions you can get access  behind the scenes photo/videos from my shoots, sneak peeks at my upcoming projects, early access to photos before they are shared anywhere else.

This is a great place to be able to to share content more to fans and interact more.  It also allows patrons to to see my alternate shots and vote to help me choose which photos to have edited and share.  I will also share some more candid shots and some that I couldn’t get away with sharing on Instagram. 

*Also please note this runs per calendar month...and renews on the 1st each month. So if we’re near the end of the month, might be worth waiting until the first. 

There are plenty plenty of posts including photos and videos that don't leave much to the imagination or give a peek or glimpse of the goods, but if you are here purely for that--I don't want to disappoint.  I meant for this to be a place for those who like what I do and want to help me to keep creating more.  I have been planning a few fun series, a gallery show, a printed Calendar, some other new merchandise, and some more and the money raised here all helps with that. 

So if you a fan of TheGayGaston this is certainly the place for you. 

Thank you!

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