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About Goddess Desire

Hello there, fellow foot lovers, and welcome to my Patreon page!

Believe it or not, I have been creating foot and trample fetish content for 17 years and began celebrating my "Goddess anniversary" in July. Here, I open my vault and share behind-the-scenes info, raw and real, to answer questions from long-time fans, feed that ever-growing appetite of yours and encourage you to leave more puddles at my feet 😜

With my patrons at (and under) my feet, I am spending more time creating content and responding to messages; upgrading my equipment; seeking out collaborations and fetish events; covering travel costs; and, ultimately, developing into a more serious, published author.

As my patron, you get to enjoy a wide variety of material, in video and footo sets, including:

- trips down memory lane (dating as far back as 2004-05)
- sneak peeks at new creations for my stores
- "guest feet" I meet on my journey
- measurements and comparisons
- shoe dangling
- hose and sock teases
- self worship
- food crushing
- teddy trampling
- giantess
- LOTS of up-close shots of every inch of my size 12 soles and toes
- a bit of my goofy randomness while I flex and wiggle my feet in your face (lol)

and so much more, as well as requested content based on your suggestions, votes and feedback

Don't be shy, join me in my adventures and share your fantasies with me. I look forward to expanding this space for all my patrons (friends, admirers, fans, worshipers, pets, slaves and shameless little foot bitches) to enjoy 💕

Goddess Desire

**PLEASE NOTE: Out of respect for me and my passions, I request all content shared here to remain here and never be posted elsewhere without my prior written permission. Thank you, in advance; I appreciate your understanding and compliance 💋
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