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About The Grapevine TV

Not your parent's television show, The Grapevine is a fresh and innovative take on the panel style discussion. The show places the topics of today in the hands and minds of young game changers, artists, cultural innovators, and professionals to dissect what the impact is for this generation.

We post a video on our YouTube page weekly, but we would love to get to the donation level that will allow us to post videos daily and to do that, we need your support, not for every video, but steady monthly donations will definitely get us there. 

All of our content is freely accessible on our YouTube Channel. Your donation goes only to keeping us operational as well as growing the show. In addition, it will allow us to host live events both domestically and internationally, film regularly to keep our topics hot and relevant, reward our fans, expand to the podcast sector with upgraded sound equipment, and build a budget for advertisements.

Donors will get access to free merchandise, bonus content, early screenings, episodes that aren't split into two parts, preferred / discounted VIP seating at live events and much more to show our appreciation of your support!

One-time donations are still available via PayPal, however please note that rewards are only open to our patrons. If you'd like to be considered for rewards with a one-time donation, please email us. Paypal link here: Donate to The Grapevine on Paypal
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