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About The Great Book of Grudges

Hello everyone and welcome to The Great Book of Grudges' official Patreon page!

For those who do not know me I make lore videos based on the Warhammer Fantasy / 40k universe.

I have been a tabletop gamer for many years and have fallen in love with the warhammer fantasy universe, particularly the lore. In truth the main reason behind creating my channel was the love of the games created by Games Workshop and wishing to express my love for the lore they have created.

More recently I have been chatting more and more to my subscribers regarding the channel (the support you guys give me is unbelievable!) and some have suggested creating this account to further extend the reach for not only this channel but my second channel too (Grudge Reports - a channel based on the tabletop specifically).

Why support me on Patreon?

The channel has been a big part of my life for quite some time now and over the years I have improved upon it as I can. The big dream here would be to get better equipment to allow videos to render faster, better sound proofing, etc to make my content the best it can be!

I'm not the biggest creator out there but even the smallest characters in my videos take a while to research and the video quality should represent that.

The faster my videos can render the faster I can have them up / work on more content.

As some of you know I am experimenting with my video style quite a bit lately and making them more thematic. It's not enough to explain the lore but have some feeling into it - something I hope to do when I cover the 40k series and other works.


Check them out on the side - honestly I hope to add more rewards in the future, I am still kind of new to all this but would like for you guys to get more bang for your buck! Maybe some giveaways?

As always thank you so much for checking out this page and any of my content. Whether you choose to support me or not on Patreon do not worry as none of my content will be hidden behind a pay wall!

Thank you so much and I'll see you all again very soon!
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