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is creating weird, horror, and sci-fi stories.
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About Kevin Holton

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by. I have tons of projects going on, and I'd love for you to be part of them!

I'm Kevin Holton, a cyborg and coffee addict from coastal NJ. I write horror, sci-fi, and generally weird stuff. My patrons are going to get free monthly stories, ebooks, MP3 recordings of me narrating the stories, and the really generous get signed anthologies!

I'll also have advertising opportunities for you more generous folks.

Here's a snapshot of the major projects I'm involved in (not a full list, of course). Those who pledge soon can get copies, or even show up in the dedications!
--At the Hands of Madness, a novel, with Severed Press
--The Nightmare King, a novel, with Siren's Call Publications
--Nova EXE, a novel, with Mighty Quill Books
--These Walls Don't Talk, They Scream, a novel, with HellBound Books.

I also co-wrote a short film, Human Report 85616. I'll be writing up a few more screenplays this year, and everyone at the ten dollar pledge or higher will get thanked in the credits, as well as listed as a sponsor on my website!

I'll be releasing at least one patrons-only story every month, with the length determined by what goals we reach. They'll be compiled into books every year. 

My goal is to make this self-sustaining--earn enough money to pay my bills and write full time, reinvesting your generosity into creating more stories. Thank you for visiting, and thank you again, should you become one of my Patrons.

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This covers my continuous glucose monitors! To celebrate, you all get a free copy of At the Hands of Madness (or another book, redeemable whenever)!
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