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A single monthly sketch as part of the Artist's Warm Up. They'll spend around 60-90 minutes on this image.

The image will be your character in the Guild setting. This can develop your character as part of the world so that they can feature, in some form, within the comic itself.

You'll be contacted for details of the character and/or go through a development process with Artist and Writer to become more integral to the project.

(NB: We retain creative license on characters created within the Guild setting.)
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About The Hunters Guild

The Hunters Guild comic is a story set in a unique world of our own making.  In this world, the characters are evolved versions of our world's mammals.  The country in which our story takes place used to be divided into a number of Fiefdoms, first controlled by monarchs but, after a revolt by the vampires, control was taken by vampire families.

People don't like to be ruled, let alone as second class citizens and, just as the vampires had their own revolt, the citizens rose up against their masters.  Word spread through the various territories and the people started to come together.  Vampire families were forced to united in an effort to put their people back in their place.  A group of citizens worked out how to kill vampires and soon formed a cabal, which became known as the Vampire Hunters Guild and slowly grew in size, adopting guerrilla warfare.

After decades of fighting, both sides soon realised there would be no winners if the war continued.  The Father of the Vampires met with the Mother of the Guild and laid the ground work for a new future, one in which vampires and citizens were of equal footing in society.  The Vampire Hunters Guild was reformed into a policing group which came under the joined control of both their Mother and the Father of the vampires.  Over time, this group became known as simply "The Hunters Guild".

Our story starts many centuries, millennia even, after this great war.  The fiefdoms have been united into a single country.  The Hunters Guild is a huge organisation with many divisions across the country acting as the main government of the people as a whole.  They collect a tax and, in return, they police the people, keep the peace and, at times, hunt down mutated monsters and "Ferals" (a degenerated form of vampire which is nothing more than an animal living in the wilderness).

This is a cradle to the grave story following the tale of a squad within the Hunters Guild.  The Prologue will introduce you to each of our main caste (and a few others) as they are either born into the Guild or adopted at an exceptionally young age.  The main story will then pick up as they start to come together and form a united squad with a new, unique, purpose in an effort to help reinforce the numbers within the Guild.  They will receive training in the various cultures across the entire country, visiting the different regions under the protectorate of the various Divisions and doing their duty.

Come join them on their journey.  There will be fun, laughter, sorrow, pain, love, heartbreak, hope and loss....but there will always be the one constant....their duty is to the people of their country, no matter who that is.

For Guild is Mother, Guild is Father. To protect and serve.


We are accepting a single tier $1USD pledge at present as we are currently in the Research and Development stage for The Hunter's Guild comic.  

Patron feedback is very important to us during the Research and Development stage and one thing you will have a big hand in is helping us shape the future of the will be able to put your own little something into our world and share in our dream.

At present, you will have access to any and all sketches, concept art, mini comics, pin-ups and anything else we throw out as we explore how we want to show our story, all for just one lovely dollar!

After 1 year, many of the finished works are being made available to the public.  Some restrictions apply to what we can make fully available due to their content but we encourage you to look back through our gallery.

Thank you for your support and interest. It means a lot to us and we hope you will enjoy following us on our journey to realising a dream!
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$70 per Month
We will unlock a new Sketch Tier for a limited number of Patrons.

This will allow Patrons to receive a single image each month, done as part of the Artist's warm-up.  The image will feature their character in the Guild setting.

In the long run, this can be used to help develop their character within the Hunters Guild world and, even, feature in the comic from time to time.
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