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A way to say thank you!

For over five years we've been happy to bring you Wednesday night live streams and will continue to do so! Additionally, we now have Dice Shame; an Actual Play Podcast! This tier is for those of you who enjoy what we do and want to support us to continue doing it!

  • Access to the Patreon Lounge in Discord! 
  • Access to our Patron Only INVICTUS Minecraft Server
  • Access to Patron-only content including most written Posts, various Polls, some Audio Files, Sneak Peaks, Pictures & More
  • Your name added to our Wall of Shame at
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A way to help us grow!
Becoming a Jackdaw is more than just joining the team, it's a way for you to help us grow! At this reward tier you'll receive weekly episodes of our brand new, Patreon Exclusive show "Malevolent." 

This mini-sode audio drama follows Detective Arthur Lester as he delves deep into the mysteries of Arkham, Massachusetts in this Lovecraftian Horror. Listen along to the choices your fellow Patrons make and enjoy the ride!
  • All Broodling Level Rewards Plus...
  • Access to the Weekly Patreon Exclusive Podcast, "Malevolent
Includes Discord benefits


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A way to help us last!

Becoming a member of The Undefeated is another awesome way you can help us out. This role allows us to not only create more but also continue growing for the foreseeable future!

At this tier you'll receive everything above PLUS have access to all past, present and future video content INVICTUS and Dice Shame creates! This includes Unboxing videos, MRE videos, Convention Content and more; if we film it - you see it. 

Additionally, you'll be the ones calling the shots in our Weekly Patreon Exclusive Podcast, "Malevolent" with polls posted weekly after each episode allowing YOU, our Undefeated, to choose what happens next. Just be sure to choose wisely....

Finally, you'll be an official Artisan of goods for our Weekly Podcast, Dice Shame! Your name will be "fantasy-fied" and added to our list of "makers of fine treasures" to be found in an episode of Dice Shame! You could be the crafter of one item of non-magical treasure that the party finds... so be sure to listen for your name (it'll be a fantasy variant so think Harlan Guthrie sounding like Harlando Gutherinoo)!  

  • All Previous Tier Rewards Plus...
  • Access to Undefeated Patreon Voice Chat in Discord
  • Access to a private Videos!
  • Access to Malevolent Polls
  • Your name will be gussied up and added to our list of Artisans for non-magical treasure that can be found in Dice Shame!  
Includes Discord benefits




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About The INVICTUS Stream, Dice Shame & Malevolent

First and foremost; thank you.

If you're reading this you're probably already a friend and fan of The INVICTUS Stream, Malevolent or Dice Shame (OR ALL THREE!) which means we already owe you our gratitude.

We started this Patreon as a way to break even on the Podcast hosting fees and other expenses that we have been paying out of pocket over the past few years however we have been able to accomplish so much more because of you! We've been able, for the first time, to travel to Conventions out of Country in order to meet you, we've been able to pay for better equipment and improve the overall sound and quality of our streams and most importantly, we've been able to start a brand new Podcast; Dice Shame.

Dice Shame is an INVICTUS side project - a podcast that welcomes its audience to the gaming table. Just like our Wednesday live streams, this Podcast is a way for you to follow your favourite characters week after week in a more sustainable, adventurous way! After all, there’s nothing quite like getting together with your close friends on game night, getting the snacks out, and rolling some dice together.

You may be supporting this patreon just as you always have for our Wednesday live stream or you may be supporting us in our vision for Dice Shame; whatever the reason we are so happy and grateful to have you here. 

Whether or not you decide or are financially able to support us, we want to say thank you so much for being a part of this amazing community already and for taking the time to drop by.  We plan to continue streaming the games we love, creating new and fantastic episodes of Dice Shame and continue forward; full of profanity as we always have been. We hope that you'll be along for the ride.

See You 'Round The Table!

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