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Thank you so much for supporting me like this!

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Thank you for helping us defeat the traps! You're a true warrior. I cannot thank you enough.

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Wow, you're a Chad. Honestly I don't know how to thank you. You're awesome. This will greatly boost my motivation and impact the channel positively.



About JPEG

Hello! I'm JPEG. Looks like you've landed on my Patreon page. On Patreon, you can support some of your favourite creators by donating money.

Making videos takes a lot of time and effort. Most videos take about 20 hours to edit, or even more. These hours spent editing are worth it, because I find it extremely heartwarming to see people enjoy the content I make.

Your support means everything to me. By simply watching my videos and providing feedback, you're already helping me out a lot. However, if you wish to support a growing content creator even more and would like to contribute to awesome content to come, you are free to donate on my Patreon.

Do not feel pressured. Being subscribed to my YouTube channel, you have already contributed greatly to the growth of my channel and to my motivation.

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page.

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This will be enough to buy new parts for my computer build. Rendering is really slow right now and I want to stream in the future, but I don't have the gear for that at the moment.
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