The Jeff and David Show is creating Video game guides, Let's Plays and walkthroughs on Youtube.

$1 /mo
You are awesome! Here's some internet gratitude!

$5 /mo
In addition to a whole truck load of internet gratitude, we'll send you an MP3 copy of "Rule of Thirds", the death metal song featured in Part 15 of our Darksiders 2 LP. We'll include a lyrics shee...

$10 /mo
In addition to internet gratitude and the sweet, sweet death metal I know you are all clamoring for from the previous reward tiers, we will create a custom sprite perler of a video game of your cho...

$20 /mo
You are a crazy person! Thanks! In addition to sweet, sweet death metal, Jeff will compose you an original digital piano piece. For an idea of the style, think of a mix between Philip Wesley, Massi...