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Eternal Gratitude
  • My many thanks and other descriptive words that I can not think of right now to all of your lovely faces!! 
  • Also Access to patron only Live Streams.
  • Patreon page feed posts which could be pics, or vids before I post to youtube.
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Whats up everyone my name is Jolly Dangerous, Jolly D, or just plain ol' Jolly. I also go by the Jolly Mage on my YouTube channel.

     My mission for this channel is to inspire creativity through the love of video games and animation. My content includes but is not limited to tech unboxing, honest game reviews, and weekly live streams. The main focus for this channel would be for it to become an easily accessible central hub of information that showcases different individuals in the gaming industry. This would allow people who are aiming for a career in this industry to have their questions answered by people who have already walked the path that they are seeking. This would be done through live and pre-recorded interviews and video recordings of email correspondence all while still entertaining viewers with gaming content of my own.

Why we need your support!
     Currently I am a freelance photographer and video editor both of which take up alot of time and personal funding. Even though YouTube will always be my passion, right now I don't see a single penny from it other than being able to buy a game a month to entertain you all with. Your monthly support means that I could start moving away from finding outside work and start putting even more time into what I love.

Here is what your monthly donations would go to:
• Start producing more frequent, higher quality content by purchasing better equipment

i.e. Upgraded Internet speeds for higher quality streams, a better computer to be able to start streaming PC games, along with the console games I already stream.

• Finance the interviews with the industry pros

• Multiple games to show case in Live Streams and Honest Reviews per month.

• Launch and maintain a website that will house an archive of the interviews and instructional videos featured on the YouTube channel along with educational how-to articles, and written reviews. Along with a online store that would offer Jolly Dangerous branded, gaming and animation themed merchandise.

• Have the ability to hire artist for T-Shirts (If you are an artist and you would like to be featured or help out please let me know)

• Obtaining prizes for the subscriber and patron giveaways.

In short with your contributions I will not only be able to continue making content but would also be able to give back to all of you and the viewers that call my channel home.

My content is free for all to enjoy on my channel and will remain that way for as long as I produce content.

If you would still like to show your support in others ways, you can help by just hitting the thumbs up or commenting on a video and/or tell a friend or two.  Thank you for watching and taking the time to read this! ❤️
$0 of $80 per month
The internet speeds I currently have can support streaming but not to the standard that I would like to give to you all. The donations from this first goal will go right back to my fans in the form of higher internet speeds that would lead to better quality of streams for you to enjoy.
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