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About The JoshPit

Cool title, bro, what is this thing?
Cybergoths vs Big Gay Dragons is a fortnightly sci-fi adventure, told via podcast. Besides being a kickass adventure, it also emphasizes identities that are neglected in most genre fiction, particularly disability, neurodiversity, and LGBT+ identities.

What's it about?
People contain many facets, and our protagonist, Lugubrious "LG" Towcester, is no exception. Among their identities are: engineer, magic-dabbler, gender-agnostic, cybergoth, and mostly-nonverbal autistic person. When we meet Lugubrious in episode 1, they have just completed work on a helmet that allows their thoughts to be recorded as audio, allowing them to communicate like verbal people for the first time. That very audio comprises the medium of the podcast!

Follow their action-packed adventures alongside Robert the Bard-barian, Ouwa the Spelljacker, Kwyn the Oneiromancer, and Patti the wine-loving flying cat, as they seek out the Big Gay Dragons who want to eat all the Cybergoths' faces, and try to use the helmet to convince them not to do that. Tune in as they fight, love, live, and learn that the real treasure is always the money you make along the way.

Is this gonna get gross? Little worried about the gay thing in the title there.
This podcast would be rated PG-13 if it were a movie. There's fantasy action, peril, and romance between characters of any gender, though there is zero sexually explicit content beyond kissin'. I also put a great deal of effort into making this a safer listening experience, and as such there will be no sexual violence, bigotry, or scuzzy portrayals of mental illness, among other fun-ruiners.

Why should I support this financially?
The podcast is free and always will be, with no story content locked behind paywalls. That said, it is entirely the work of one human, and it takes a lot of time to write, record, produce, and publish at the quality I insist on, as well as run the business side.

That's why there is a recommended donation of $5 USD per month, which amounts to $2.50 per episode. If you're able to support further, you have my immense gratitude, and I will be incorporating merchandise rewards for higher tiers of support in the near future. For now, though, the biggest incentive to support more generously is that if the podcast meets its financial goal for a given month, I can produce an episode per week, as opposed to fortnightly!

Whether or not you can support the podcast financially, I also totally need your help in getting word out, especially within communities and journalistic circles pertaining to LGBT+ and disability issues. I'm really proud of this project, which is the product of the mantra, "write what you needed to hear yourself when you were younger." Hopefully the show can be fun and helpful to others!

Be cool to each other, and I really hope you enjoy Cybergoths vs Big Gay Dragons
$430 of $1,750 per month
This is the halfway mark, to my major goal of being able to focus all of my work time on this podcast. As a reward, I'll produce a weekly non-fiction video rather than a monthly one, and you will have my deepest thanks!
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