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About The Joy Offensive


My name’s Jules. I’m a theatre maker and producer interested in investigating performance as an act of radical communality and political self-determination. By that I mean, I believe performance is powerful af.

Right now, I’m operating under the banner The Joy Offensive. I also chat as The Joy Offensive using the royal ‘we’, but really it’s just me, a laptop and a wifi connection. As The Joy Offensive, I support performing artists I love, I bring them together, then I do my absolute best to bring them to you.

What’s the Joy Offensive all about?

The Joy Offensive is still in its teething stages. But here are some current working principles we're playing with:

  • Cultivating laughter: actively choosing to make work that starts with fun and full hearts is politically nourishing.
  • Solidarity 5eva: I'll aim to support 2 concurrent projects year round, focusing on different sectors of our global community. The aim is to highlight intersections and make it easier for teams to support each other across borders of all kinds.
  • Placing power in the process: art starts well before it meets an audience. The means of producing a work, the conversations surrounding it and the discoveries made while creating are as valid considerations as the impact of a work performed to/in front of a crowd.

In sum, bringing artists together in fun and fury, learning, discovering and being there for one another. That's it.

What’s The Joy Offensive up to?

The Joy Offensive is currently supporting 6 works-in-process by artists in Australia and the UK as part of earth. Check it out here. earth will include 6 works-in-process by artists based in Australia and the UK. The works - taking place on WhatsApp, Zoom, Instagram, interactive web pages, and email inboxes - will be exploring diverse modes of interaction, collaboration, and interconnectivity in an era of reinforced borders and social distancing.

What’s this Patreon for?

Every project comes with hidden costs: venue staff, play licensing, marketing, videography, insurance. Often these costs can’t be covered by ticket sales, particularly when tickets are kept at reasonably accessible prices.

The top priority is making sure the work happens. Next is artists, then additional costs, like branding, marketing and wider production budgets.

For the months of June, July, and August 2020, all new and increased contributions in will go directly to earth artists: Clarissa Widya, Joana Nastari, Nicole Pingon, Vera Chok, Katherine Lim, Robert Awosusi, and Jules Orcullo.

(NOTE #1: Patreon currently only supports monthly contributions, so if you'd like to give a one-off donation, you'll be prompted to cancel your patronage once the first payment is processed.)

(NOTE #2: This Patreon is in USD.)

If you made it to this page and to the end of this you’re probably either: a) a kind, inquisitive and patient person or b) somebody who has been kind and wonderful enough to have supported me or any of the artists I’m working with. In either case, I want to say thank you. If becoming a patron isn’t a thing for you today (or ever!), give us a share on your socials and I’ll give you a giant digital hug. Also, I'm going to cap contributions at $20 per month. Some loose change per month is more than enough.

Love, peace, and joy,

❤️ Jules 

$529.22 of $1,000 per month
We'll be able to cover basic running costs of 2 concurrent projects year-round.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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