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About The Lakers Legacy

From the desk of Jonathan Hernandez:

To all of our loyal listeners (I don't want to call you fans, but fam), old and new,

We, The Lakers Legacy, (me, Tommy Alexander, and Alan Riley) want to humbly thank you for listening and supporting us for the last 1 1/2 years in our journey to try and deliver the most well-rounded, smart, and funny Lakers show we can provide to those willing to listen - one that not only informs fellow Lakers fans and helps open up new angles/theories/conjectures to ponder over, but one that entertains as well. 

It's definitely not lost on us that our humor, antics, millennial vibe (though we cheekily parade this about) isn't for everyone and that there are much more universally loved podcasts (LakerFilmRoom obviously comes to mind; and understandably so), but we appreciate those who understand that:
1. We are, indeed, pretty corny and often times love playing that up.
2. Don't take ourselves too seriously.
3. Are actual friends who are just being ourselves and hopefully that chemistry has translated to those who have listened.

And at the end of the day, what is life but just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks (but first having the cajones to throw in the first place)? So for as many cringe worthy moments as we may have where jokes fall flat and impressions get awkward quick - we also hope we make up for it with just as many actual hilarious moments/interactions/shticks and, more importantly, just smart takes overall. 

With that said, I come to you now asking for your help, because - here's the reality. Even though we sound like 18-year old kids still living in our parents' basements, we aren't. We are fully working professionals, somehow.

  • I used to work in the Marketing Department for Twentieth Television at Fox, as well as the International Promotions Department at DreamWorks Animation before we were acquired by Universal. I now work in Production for DreamWorks' TV (specifically, The Adventures of Puss In Boots).
  • Tommy is a lawyer working at a prestigious law firm in Downtown LA and consistently has very long, ungodly work schedules, often needing to work at home (which is why you'll sometimes hear us call Tommy in from his car to record).
  • Alan is a career and leadership coach, helping students prep for college, interviews, tests, etc. On top of this, he continues to give individual Drum Major lessons to more than 15+ students at any one time and teach and judge at different Drum Major Competitions and camp on the side.

Needless to say, we are all very busy. But most especially me, as I am the one who started this entire venture and in order to make life easier for my extremely busy co-hosts and allow them the luxury of simply hopping on a mic and spitting takes, I have undertaken literally every aspect of "Lakers Legacy related content", including:

  • Handling all social media content and tweets for our Twitter account: @LakersLegacyPod
  • All aspects of Production - from scheduling recording times, to writing up show flow outlines, to handling all audio editing (carefully editing 3 separate tracks of audio at all times), to writing all the copy for each episode, and then properly uploading & dispersing content in a timely manner.
  • Compilation of relevant news, stats, etc. to make sure we provide the most well-informed and comprehensive episodes we can muster each time. 
  • Actually designing or working with designers on LLP specific artwork for the podcast or for our Twitter.
  • Reaching out to and scheduling guests within the industry.

I'm thankful that my cohosts are such smart and entertaining personalities that I don't really have to overly prep too much for anything, but when it boils right down to it - The Lakers Legacy is very much a one man show when it comes to all the behind the scenes work. And while I've enjoyed undertaking this passion project and have loved seeing it grow into something I never could have imagined, it is very much like having a second full-time job. I'm definitely in the Red financially when it comes to LLP work, but it's all worth it simply for this platform that you guys have provided me with to talk about something I absolutely love - the #LIT-ass Lakers.

But having said that, I do often forego hangouts with friends, personal projects such as working on my screenwriting portfolio (I do want to write for a TV sitcom after all) or working on my photography, as well as some much-needed introverted "me time" to handle these podcasting duties and make sure we get these episodes out to you guys IMMEDIATELY any time something relevant breaks (which for the Lakers is...everyday). This is not a 'boo-hoo, I'm sooo busyyy' sort of plea - I know there are a ton more people in this business who have kids, a family, a crazier job, etc. and are much more busy than I am. I'm merely giving those who've actually, for some reason, become more invested in us as actual people a better picture of my present context and extending the invitation to help out in any way. 

So, with all that being said, I would very much really, really appreciate if you would consider donating $1-5 a month (that's only $12 a year at the minimum) to help me keep this show running at a more consistent pace. It would also go a long way in helping us do even bigger things in the future - such as get better guests, reach out to actual sponsors, get better quality equipment, and even hold more contests!

If you can't donate financially, we'd love it if you could take some time out to give us a 5-Star Rating & Review on iTunes to help our exposure out in the podcast world.

All right, that's it! Sorry that was so long-winded. Just wanted to thank you guys once again for all your support and we'll never forget our ride or dies, as we'll definitely be taking you all with us if the LLP truly becomes something big. It already is because of you.

Stay #LIT, fam and GO LAKERSSSSSS!

Jonathan Hernandez 

Squad Up:
@jhun88 (Jonathan)
@atakriley (Alan)
@tommya8 (Tommy)
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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