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Thank you!  I'm just using Patreon as a tip jar, so you letting me know that my work is worth a tip is a big confidence booster!  I hope you'll enjoy my next project!
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Patrons at this tier will get access to my Work In Progress documents!  My documents will be posted here first and foremost, and whenever I reach a milestone in the writing, you'll be the first to read it!
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(Patreon is enforcing 40 character limits on their tier titles now)

This tier is for projects that I'd like to write, but weren't commissioned by anyone.  Unfortunately, I still need to make money to eat somehow, and I can't afford to be writing for free.  I don't expect I'll be using this tier an awful lot, but, it's worth giving it a spin!



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Mostly I'm just using Patreon as a tip jar for my work involving Fenoxo's Best-Selling adult Flash games, including Corruption of Champions and Trials in Tainted Space.  If you wanna just throw me a couple bucks for a job well done (or if you've somehow got me doing a commission and request/require alternative methods of payment), this is where you'd go.
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One hundred people giving me money is more than I could have ever imagined, writing content for a porn game (and not even making or promoting the game itself).  This alone would be nutty as hell for me!
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