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Greetings Adventurers. We are Loading Crew Productions and we are an American-based Gaming and Game Design channel that has been around for some time but recently decided to take their talents to YouTube. For the past few months our Pokemon Tabletop Adventures series has quickly become one of the top Tabletop Videos on YouTube and we are looking to expand our horizons into creating more educational content.

Where we go with this is all up to you. We would like to make Loading Crew Productions a full time production house. However, we still need to support ourselves and our humble family while we build our content. Please feel free to check us out on Social Media and on YouTube for more information on what we do and what we are about.
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Contract Animator/Jakei full time
To those unaware Jakei is the animator who did both our pokemon tabletop animations. When we reach this goal we will be able to bring her on as a "full time" artist/animator.

Many people are aware that we started production of a new pathfinder show called "Path of Kings". The writing process is nearly done and we have prepped a full season worth of content. However we need our art assets finished before we could do anything.

Bringing on Jakei as our artist would be best for the look and feel of what we're going for. For now, we are paying her on a piece by piece basis based on her free time. This would give Jakei a full living wage where she lives too.
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