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About Jamie Durbin

Hi, my name is Jamie Durbin. Some folks call me The Mad Welshman, some folks call me JamieTheD. I'm a 36 year old dude, living in the darkest wilds of Wales, and I love gaming, writing, singing, digital art, and I dabble in a few other things. I've been gaming since... Well, put it like this: My first ever game was Rogue, on an IBM Terminal, and my first ever home system was the BBC Micro B. I've been a reviewer at a couple of places before, but people keep telling me things about a thing I enjoy doing, namely writing about games, gaming history, game design, and game culture. (That's the link to The Mad Welshman, where my current reviews are, by the way.)

"Oh, it really doesn't pay the bills."
"Oh, it's not a real job!"
"You can't know how to score an open-world RPG in only 26 hours of play!"

So, you might be wondering right now: Why should I give this guy money for his writing?

Well, first off, I have previous experience. First with a small site called Gamerfill (Sadly defunct, but you can find some of my oldest video review content here), then with a canadian place called Game-Boyz (Where I wrote both reviews and op-ed posts. The site appears to be breaking down, so I'll be placing a reprint on the Mad Welshman with proper attribution). I also never really stopped writing or recording vids, as I also do Let's Plays (That's talkin' over videogames) here, and have a small blog to which I added content every now and again (Again, some of which will be redrafted and reprinted on the site).

Problem is, I can't review or write just for love and fistbumps. Even just reviewing games, let alone writing about the culture, history, and design around them is stressful work, and, make no mistake, it is work. Fact-checking, dealing with PR folks, getting review copy... Dealing with that segment of readers whose nicest comment is "You suck, go die in a fire!"

As anyone can tell you, even writing is stressful. So love and fistbumps only go so far, I want to be able to pay my bills doing this, and you can help.

It's Very Simple

The more I collectively get a month, the more content I can have time to create. There are some milestones, noted on the right, and the real humdingers are the part where my monthly income switches me from my current "definitely unemployed" state to "This man is self employed enough that we're going to give him more paperwork." I'd like to hit that one especially, and pass that. 

Of course, I said it was very simple, didn't I? There are some caveats, but they're for any developers, publishers, and PR Folk who have read my work, and liked it enough to contribute: If you are staff of one of these, please declare it to me via the work email, and limit your donation to £20/month. Not that I expect anyone to donate £20/month, but that's what I would define as "significant investment" as far as conflict of interest goes, and any higher than that, I'd have to declare it on a review.

Those sorts of declarations on a review aren't terribly helpful.

What You Get

Well, regardless of whether you, personally donate or not, there'll be a minimum of four articles a month, mostly reviews, but there will be musings on the state of the industry, on past games, on game design... It varies. No review will have a score. I want that out the way right now, I don't find them helpful, and I do summarise my thoughts at the end of a review. At least one of these a month (Starting from the second month of operation) will be a sort of "Forum" post, where I tie together some of the comment emails I've gotten into a coherent theme, usually arguing for or against either a game or something in one of the previous month's articles (Although obviously, this depends on you getting in touch!). The more I end up making, the more content I can devote my time to, and the more the scope of the site will spread.

Future possibilities include:
  • A Podcast.
  • Supplementary video content.
  • Covering some of those shiny events where we all share games. Y'know, like Eurogamer and the like.
  • Guest Articles: It's important to get other perspectives, and guest articles would do exactly that. But I do want to pay whoever writes for their work.

There's only one real, physical reward you'd get, and that's at the $15/month mark. Sorry, but reviewing and making videos takes a lot of time, and the only thing I can really give back beyond the work I'm being paid for by you is a digital art print (A thing that also takes time to do well).

As stated, I also do Let's Plays, and if you like those, as opposed to the reviewing, I'm certainly not going to stop you donating to this Patreon for those!
$98.46 of $300 per month
This is the point at which I stream Wipeout Fusion. All in one go. All tracks. All craft. Information too.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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