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About The Man In The Back

A peek to one of my games
Hi, Itamar Ashkenazi here (AKA: The man in the back). I'm am 24 years old  indie Game Developer who wants to grow big 
and puts all his passion and his time into making and playing games.
     I had such a great childhood filled with games such as: MapleStory, Half-life, CS, GunboundTime Crisis, The house of the dead, C&C and so much more.

I want to share the fun, games, and laughs with my friends and I have experienced so many emotions and situations with my friends using the virtual spaces such as games.  

I believe games let us know ourselves a little better and I want to let everyone share Ideals, Opinions, Ideas, Emotions and make everyone have a good time.

Feel free to AMA and connect with me :)

So, What's in it for my Patrons?

Patrons of The Man In The Back have the stuff to look forward to. As a Patron, you will grant an instant  🎧 Access to the Private Discord where u can talk to me and all the other patrons, talk about games and message me about funny glitches you have discovered and features I should look forward to making or even invite me to play if u are stuck with 4 players in Dota2.
What else? well, Exclusive content📢 Private announcements, 🎁 In-Game Bonuses,🔑 Beta Test📝Credit in future released games and much more! :)

TL;DR I've come to Patreon so i could finally make my dream come true and make everyone enjoy as much as I enjoy games and it costs me a lot.
$27.02 of $350 per month

I will start to make a official blog posts about what i've been thinking, watching talking and laughing about that week :)
you wonder, why u need 350$ for this?
because then i will have a little bit of a window to do other stuff so i could survive this world of chaos and chasing
by that You guys give me the air to take a rest for a itty bitty while.
Thank u <3
urs, Itamar Ashkenazi.
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