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About The Cannabis Community

The Medical Cannabis Community, the #1 network of 30,000 cannabis professionals, advocates, patients, and enthusiasts across the Midwest, is expanding throughout the rest of the United States.

We are honored to have your support and appreciate you for seeing the value we bring to our communities. We appreciate the opportunity to continue making a positive impact in the lives of people through cannabis.

None of it would be possible without you! Thus, we are grateful that you have decided to invest in the success and sustainability of our organization.

The Cannabis Community, or TCC for short, is a Chicago-based media platform, powered by its members, marketplace, and consumer insights.

Our vision is to help people rediscover how cannabis can improve their lives.

To provide value to our members and the industry as a whole, we create videos, webinars, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, guides, surveys, and interactive communities.

So far, we’ve helped thousands of people learn about cannabis, and connect with relevant resources through our educational events, multimedia content, business directories, branded apparel, market research initiatives, and vibrant network of online communities.

Since 2015, we've been inundated with queries from supporters who have been looking for ways to support our efforts. We held off for over five years, but now feel it’s time to expand our operations.

Support from companies and individuals both in and outside of our community gave us the motivation we needed to keep our heads down and work on building a platform of which we could genuinely be proud of.

Currently, we have a thriving community of more than 30,000 actively engaged monthly members and an additional 40,000+ followers across our online channels who support and believe in our mission.

They know why we exist, they understand our culture, and they've backed us every step of the way. These fantastic people understand our mission, and we've never been prouder to have them at our side.

We are very fortunate.

Our organization has become an epicenter of information where consumers, patients, advocates, business leaders, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, policymakers, investors, and other community stakeholders who are all proud to be members.

Our platform is where they spend their time, where they socialize with friends, and where they continue to make innovative discoveries about cannabis by learning from others.

Our efforts may have started in Illinois and expanded into Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York - but now, we're reaching new heights and extending our work across the U.S. (and soon, world.)

Given our mission to take our team's advocacy efforts to the next level, we've opened up the opportunity to invest in the future and success of our organization's purpose. That means you'll be able to join us in a tangible way on this journey we've embarked on, to help improve people's lives through cannabis, together.

This unique opportunity is geared toward the most dedicated readers and supporters who love our work and believe in our mission. More specifically, this opportunity is for:

  • Fans of our work who want to establish a much more meaningful connection with our team
  • Advocates who want to help us keep expanding legal access to cannabis
  • Believers who want the collective experience of changing the way people view cannabis
  • Champions who want to create a world where cannabis is openly accepted
  • Defenders of justice who believe access to cannabis should be a global human right
  • Backers who want to invest in socially-conscious organizations who do well by doing good
  • Angels who take pride in the opportunity to help us create something bigger than ourselves
  • Rebels of the system who want to disrupt the status quo and join our freedom club

With these monthly pledges to support TCC, our patrons will get frequent recognition across the online channels we operate as we bring our expertise, awareness, education, and legal access to people all around the world.

With your patronage, we will be able to support this true labor of love we have for cannabis by creating more amazing content with editorial control to inspire, teach, challenge, and entertain the community.

This content includes everything from:

  • Original social media graphics
  • Articles on cannabis, health, technology, science, cultivation, recipes, legislation, etc.
  • Podcast interviews with leading experts and recognized industry professionals
  • Newsletters that deliver the latest updates, trends, and insights
  • Videos that bring stories from the community to life via commercials and documentaries
  • Educational events through our online webinars, live Q&A's, and interview segments
  • Surveys, polls, and studies to better understand the people we serve
  • Product, service, and prize giveaways

We are always seeking more ways to operate, manage, and connect with our communities successfully.

Thank you for making it possible to improve people's lives through cannabis.

Note: Patreon supporters interested in taking advantage of our advertising and sponsorship opportunities agree to our disclosure and policies.
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