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For those of you who don't know who we are, here's a brief introduction: The Mic Check is an online hangout where voice actors can practice their skills and receive feedback from their peers. We are a great compliment to coaching because we focus on basic skills: cold reading, script interpretation, feedback, and reading in front of others. Not convinced that this is for you? Here are some of our attendees who want to talk about their experiences on the Mic Check:

"The Mic Check has helped me in numerous ways from interpreting copy to getting my presentation right! It provides a safe atmosphere to make mistakes and learn. Plus its a whole lot of laughter and fun. I would not want to be anywhere else on Monday evening!"

-Russ DeWolfe

"I have been a regular attendee of this group since before I chose to become a voiceover talent. Working with these guys on a weekly basis helps to fuel the passion that is required to succeed in this industry.
The Mic Check has enhanced my abilities to interpret copy, self-direct, and provided a weekly workout for constantly improving my abilities as a professional voice talent as well as making new friends in a solitary world."

-Dan Harcourt
More about the Mic Check on Dan's Blog.

"The Mic Check, has opened my eyes, ears and mouth to deliver better reads for auditions and jobs. The script breakdown really helps me interpret copy more confidently, the peer suggestions and direction has helped me deliver great reads which in return results in jobs. Doing Voice Overs is my joy! I look forward to Monday nights!
The Mic Check is a friendly, fun VO workout place that unites all kind of talented people from across the globe."

-Tim Evans

"Super fun group of voice actors to hang out with-Check. 
Direction that helps me nail every read-Check
Script analysis that that teaches me to self-direct-Check
I love the Mic Check."

-Devon McPherson

"Why Join the Mic Check VO Workout Group? I can't think of a reason NOT to join the group! If you're interested in honing your voice over craft, then this is the group for you. For the last couple of years, Monday night is taken for me, I can't think of a better way to spend my time improving my reads for my clients. The peer led directed sessions are always a blast. I've learned better pacing, script evaluation skills, what a zone 1,2,& 3 are, and how to use a Pattern Break to get out of your own head. The scripts run from Animation, to Gaming, to eLearning and commercials. If we're not laughing we're not trying. So come on and have some fun with us too won't you?"

-Richard Durrington

"The Mic Check is so amazing for me. It’s a place where I can go and sit with friends that help me overcome the fears associated with being directed live, and a place to practice my craft with people that will be open and honest in a small group setting. One really great thing to add is that there’s always a variety of styles, every week is different! There’s a chance you’ll get to work on something you love and are pretty comfortable with, and there’s a chance you’ll get to work on something that needs work. Either way you’ll be glad you came. I’ve also made some amazing friends! 5/5 stars from me!"

-Shaun Brackett

We are an awesome and welcoming group and are always open to having you on! Here is our Zoom registration link, feel free to join us on Monday afternoon!
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