TheMidnitekid is creating PES 2015 Gaming Videos

$1 /mo
  • Access to each and every video in any two series of your choice
  • Access to the extra videos in the patron-only stream (vlogs, random stuff, community plays)

$2 /mo
  • Exclusive videos before anybody else (link sent by twitter, email etc)
  • Access to each and every video in any three series of your choice
  • All of the above rewards included

$3 /mo
  • Access to my personal blog and a chance to help me with series ideas both future and present
  • Help create my 'Become a Legend' player from head to toe. 

$4 /mo
  • Become part of TheMidnitekid FC and join the 11v11 team. All games recorded with commentary
  • Get your name in the credits of each video
  • All of the above rewards included (not in bold)

$5 /mo
  • Access your unique code for entry to 'The PES Arena'. All games recorded with commentary
  • I'll add you on snapchat, follow you on twitter or subscribe to you...

$7 /mo
  • Exclusive access to behind the scenes footage, photo's & out-takes 
  • Access to exclusive real life videos that can't be seen anywhere else

$10 /mo
  • Become part of the Patreon exclusive Master League series. Patrons have full say on the series
  • Enter into a monthly draw for a...

$15 /mo
  • Become captain of the Patreon 'Master League' team for an entire season
  • Exclusive position of co-creator; work on projects with me, ideas etc

$30 /mo
  • Claim your limited edition TheMidnitekid T-Shirt
  • Join me for a random gaming night (Destiny, Minecraft, GTA etc)
  • I'll collaborate w...