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About Heather on TheMoneySpot

Hey friend 👋 Thank you for supporting me and the podcast!  

Through The Money Spot podcast I answer people's personal finance questions in detail. I've created a Patreon account specifically for those fans who are requesting it as an easy way for them to support the podcast. To be fully transparent, I don't plan to create additional content for Patreon users. I'm not a fan of creating a paywall for my fans to access my financial tips and analysis. I feel that my content should be FREE for EVERYONE especially as lots of people can't afford independent financial advisers and the analysis I provide can help people work their way out of debt or just getting by to financial independence and freedom.  

That all said, if you want to buy me a coffee or lunch because you've found my free podcasts beneficial, I immensely appreciate the love and support! ONE BONUS I CAN GIVE THOUGH - if you're a Patron and have a time sensitive personal finance question, I will answer it in under a week if you let me know that you want an urgent response. I answer all questions I receive regardless but it can take a few weeks to get round to it because I prepare podcast episodes well ahead of schedule.

I'm a massive fan of good money management. I believe that it doesn't matter what you do for a living: it's completely in your power to build a comfortable financial cushion IF you know how. Through my podcasts and books I help you build your knowledge and confidence in managing your finances on your way towards financial freedom.

I want you to be so exceptionally good at making money, saving it and investing it that people look at you in awe and admiration. I know you can do it!

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