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About The Movie Crypt

THE MOVIE CRYPT is an independently produced free weekly podcast that shares the personal journeys of some of the entertainment industry's greatest artists. Hosted by filmmakers and HOLLISTON TV series co-stars Adam Green (HATCHET 1-4, FROZEN) and Joe Lynch (EVERLY, MAYHEM) along with "Arwen" the Yorkie, THE MOVIE CRYPT features incredibly candid and inspiring discussions with artists such as Chris Columbus, John Landis, Slash, Jordan Peele, Roger Corman, James Gunn, Penelope Spheeris, Seth Green, Milo Ventimiglia, Joe Dante, Henry Rollins, Lin Shaye, Greg Nicotero, Bobcat Goldthwait, and so very many more... all diving deep into their career/life stories in a conversational forum unlike any other.  A new episode of THE MOVIE CRYPT has been released on all podcast platforms every Monday morning since the show first premiered on May 6, 2013.  In 2015 Entertainment Weekly listed THE MOVIE CRYPT in their magazine's "Top 20 Podcasts To Listen To" (Issue #1345 - 1/9/15) and the podcast has consistently been in iTunes top 25 "What's Hot" for TV/Film.   

We work incredibly hard and pour our hearts into this program. We bring you some of the greatest "artist on artist" conversations about the Hollywood dream/struggle/journey that you'll find out there. We book every guest ourselves through our own relationships.  From our A-list celebrity guests... to studio executives, agents, make-up artists, sound designers, cinematographers, comic book artists, costume designers, composers, editors, and other professionals who don't typically get a spotlight to share their stories... we showcase all sides of the industry and offer something invaluable to the many people who not only enjoy the show every week but who have also come to depend on it.  We foster a supportive place for artists and fans to gather and feel like they aren't alone in the pursuit of their creative dreams.  With events like our annual YORKIETHON (our 48-Hour live marathon to benefit "Save A Yorkie Rescue") we even help save lives with this podcast each year. 

Working to make this weekly program happen all while simultaneously making our various film, television, and other projects is incredibly difficult.  For over 7 years now we have handled every aspect of producing this weekly program on our own. We do not have an ad-sales team securing sponsors for us and we have never been compensated with actual salaries by a parent network. Therefore we rely entirely on you, our audience, to support THE MOVIE CRYPT and keep it going.We hope that you agree that what we consistently give out every week is worth something to you and that WE are worth something to you.  Thank you for considering sponsoring us and for helping us keep this special program alive.

-AG, JL, & A
"It's an uphill battle and no, you might not win
And if you get knocked down you must begin it again
Take every inch don't give, don't give an inch you take
Earn every scar you win, love every back you break
You can't slow me down I'm unstoppable
You can't cover me up I'm untoppable
You can't figure me out I'm everything I'm not
Outta my way... IT'S THE MOVIE CRYPT!"
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Once we reach this goal not only will our ArieScope studio's monthly rent/utilities/etc and podcast hosting/equipment costs be fully covered but after taxes and fees we'll at least be able to pay ourselves something for the full-time day job that producing this weekly program has already been for us for the last 6 years.  This means more special event episodes, even bigger guests, more written/produced bits, more live events, and an even more entertaining and informative program.
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