is creating Wishes (adult game)

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reward item
reward item
per month
Access to the next release few days earlier.

⦁  Early Access
⦁  Exclusive Discord role 
⦁  Participate to votes

in details:

- Early Access every month!
(3 weeks in advance) 
You'll get access to our games 3 weeks before public releases.

- A new role on our Discord server

- You’ll be able to participate to voting sessions, on many different subjects: vote on our future games, future H-scenes and more.
Includes Discord benefits


reward item
reward item
per month

+ Work in Progress
⦁ Early Access
⦁ Exclusive Discord role
⦁ Participate to votes

in details:

+ WiP, sketches / and a few illustrations per month
Discover the Work In Progress of our future games.
With details, CGs, character-sprites, and fun.
Includes Discord benefits


reward item
reward item
per month
+  Walkthroughs 
+  Patreon version
⦁  Work in Progress
⦁  Early Access
⦁  Exclusive Discord role
⦁  Participate to votes

in details: 

+ 1 Walkthrough per month, for each VN.
+ 1 Patreon version of the game every ~3 months.

Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Mushi

Mushi is a small team that realizes Visual Novels, its members are:

Yoru : the writer. Leads Mushi.
Kainkout : artist
Anirhapsodist : background artist
DragoonHP : reliable programmer

Why should you support us?

Currently, we’re not a really big team and we can’t afford to be one. We will work with many people in the future: artists, voice-actors, skilled programmers, sound-designers, GUI designers… But we need to work with these people full time to finish our Visual Novels more quickly and to improve their quality!

What are the rewards?

As for you, you will be able to participate to votes, obtain beta versions and: 
  • our next releases before everyone else ($3),
  • as well as the Work in Progress with all the sketches ($5),
  • walkthroughs + Patreon version of the game ($10),
  • exclusive illustrations + Dakimakuras ($20) and you will also be in the credits whatever your tier.

But above all, you’ll have a warm place in our hearts.
You can find a link that shows you all our tiers here -> for details click here

Game in Progress: "Wishes (18+)"


Released: The Vamp (18+)
Try it here!

Alone (18+)
Play it here!


Useful link:
Discord server here!

$102.77 of $300 per month
This amount allows us to make 1 release per month.
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