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About NLSC

For over twenty years, the NLSC (formerly the NBA Live Series Center, has covered basketball video games, primarily NBA Live by EA Sports, and NBA 2K by Visual Concepts. Our intention is to keep covering basketball games and supporting the basketball gaming community for years to come.

In June 2016, our host informed us that they would be discontinuing their hosting services, which had provided us with dedicated hosting free of charge in exchange for advertising space. Unfortunately, deals like that are no longer available, and so to continue serving the basketball gaming community, we decided to move to new dedicated hosting, which we must pay for.

As a website that offers free content, as well as free file hosting services and a message board for our enthusiastic modding community, we are asking for help in raising funds to help cover those hosting costs (around $100 USD/$120 AUD per month). If twenty members of our community can spare $5 USD/~$7 AUD a month, all costs will be covered. This will allow us to keep doing what we've been doing for twenty years.

We would also be looking to put any extra funds to use in creating new content, and giving back to the community through initiatives such as monthly giveaways.

We are passionate about what we do at the NLSC, and we want to keep going for years to come. The support of our community would be most appreciated, and we're certain that we can keep serving the community well with the facilities that patronage will allow us to keep offering. Thank you for your consideration!
$9.90 of $100 per month
We're still in the game, with hosting covered. Thank you for your support!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 217 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 217 exclusive posts

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