TheOtherCast is creating actual play podcasts!

First Floor

$1 /mo
You're awesome, and I'm going to tell the world so. People at this level (and above) get a monthly shoutout on social media. You also get access to TheOtherTakes. Enjoy!

Second Floor

$2 /mo
If you're willing to give this much, I'll give back to you. In addition to the other rewards, you'll get a personalized thank you from me in your inbox and access to TheOtherTakes once a month. Enj...

Fifth Floor

$5 /mo
Look at the awesome on you! Here you'll get the other rewards, and you get the option to be part of the podcast! You get access to a private voicemail to leave messages for the crew of the Sunrunne...

10th Floor

$10 /mo
I'm stunned, stupefied, anesthetized. You get the other rewards, plus, I'll write you something small. Flash fiction, character hook, NPC ideas, you name it. 100-200 words, each.

20th Floor

$20 /mo
Really? Alright, let's do this! At this level, you get access to a monthly chat with me and any of the players I can get scheduled. Ask us about the podcast, or almost anything else. (We like to ta...

Penthouse Suite

$50 /mo
Wowee! Like, holy wow. At this level, I'll schedule a one-on-one conslutation with you every month. Have game ideas? Fiction ideas? Recipes? The sky's the limit, and I'll help as I'm able.