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About The Paranoias (LACollective)

Hey! You've gotten this far!

First off, this is Yah Boi Ralf, and I personally want to thank YOU for being a part of this!

If you know us already, then you know what we're about!
But if you don't know us...

We have been LACollective for a little over 6 years now, and those who know us know we’re passionate & committed to what we’re doing. We love creating content for our Fanbase, whether it be podcasts, videos, blogs and of course music! We strive to make different styles of music and have no boundaries when it comes to creating it.

We want to Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for even reading this in the first place, and if you become part of our family, we promise you won't regret it.

- Ralf
- LACollective: The Paranoias • Profesor Galactico • Albert Alexander

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