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About The Peace Student

I was in my late 30's before I experienced peace for the first time. Until then I had never realized that a human could feel that way. If we could truly, and I repeat the word truly, cultivate inner-peace we would feel no more suffering, stress, anger, depression, sorrow, fear, and all of the other things that basically suck to feel. What could we do with that kind of freedom?
So I set out to change the world. I currently spend 2-3 hours per day on average working on expanding the awareness of peace. I’ve published five books and am working on number 6 and 7,  I write (and recite) poetry about mental and emotional health and inner-peace, I write articles, I operate a coaching agency for children and adults, I run a website, and generally do everything I can do to promote peace. When I found out that you didn't have to be a celebrity to get a Patreon account I couldn't believe it! but here it is. So how this works is that if you enjoy the content that I create and if you agree that our world needs as many people possible pushing the peace agenda then please sign up to be a patron today! Your support is what enables me to continue doing this and I appreciate you. 

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