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You may be merely a Muggle but that doesn't stop you from being magic! (although, actually it does). But by contributing to this tier, you will be able to receive exclusive content from Simon and Oliver. This will include the explosive revelations from Simon's Secret Diary, and Oliver's investigations into Putin's infiltration of Streatham Rovers FC.
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Not only will you get access to exclusive content, but you will receive a signed* photograph of Oliver** and Simon!

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**Oliver will be pixelated in all photographs to hide his identity from Momentum thugs/Animal Rights weirdos/Russians

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The same benefits of Muggles and Ron tiers, plus, be the first in line for the opportunity to buy People's Podcast and related merchandise at discounted prices.




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We, Simon Hedges and Oliver Laughdugry, humbly invite you to fund our incredibly important political podcast that will cut through the noise from both the extreme left and right to present an honest, straight-talkin' refuge for the politically homeless.

Simon is a sensible, quality journalist whose work has been published in a range of publications ranging across the political spectrum, from the New Statesman to The Sunday Times gardening supplement.

Oliver is a well respected qualified divorce solicitor who runs a number of specialist boutique law firms from his offices in London's fashionable and up-and-coming Streatham, including Laughdugry Legal Marriage Liquidation Services and 24/7 No Win No Fee Accident Action.

We genuinely believe this project could change the landscape of British politics. But podcasts can't be put together cheaply. Oh no, that's a common misconception. There's a smörgåsbord of additional costs: domain name hire, home studio recording equipment, copyright filing, public liability insurance, graphic design, travel costs, security and reasonable quality wine for the official launch night. The list is endless. And so, we desperately need YOUR donations.

We have put together a pilot teaser taster trailer to give you a hint of what we can offer, but we need YOU to join us. As the immortal and sadly missed Bob Geldof once infamously said, "GIVE US YOUR EFFING MONEY!!!"
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