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*September 2019 Update: My project schedule has adjusted in light of my work on homelessness in the U.S.

Following the premiere of my documentary about a homeless camp in Minneapolis, I will now be presenting screenings of this film around the country as well as planning another documentary examining the issue of homelessness in general across the U.S. 

Throughout this work my goal is twofold: 1. share these films and the stories of those within 2. use them as foundations to promote solutions to these issues. 

Because of this schedule change, my main video here is outdated, as the U.S./Mexico border project is now on hold. Everything else in the video, however, is still accurate. I've adjusted the written schedule below, and I'm excited to have you along on this journey to share people's stories and support helpful causes. 

September 16, 2019  


Hi, I'm Brandon Ferdig. I'm here to connect you with the people of the world and to address the issues of our time.

I hit the road, and I interview everyday folks I meet along the way. We talk about their lives and their outlooks on the world.

I observe the societies in which I find myself, the unique lessons each of them reveals, and I use these insights and vantage points to address the pressing social issues from their part of the world—whether China, East Africa, Cuba, or regions across the U.S.

Subjects featured, as shown here on my YouTube channel art
Lastly, I use my travel not just to better understand humanity and social issues but to be of service along the way—computers to a Tanzania village school, connecting a father in Minneapolis to his sons in Uganda, school supplies to children in Cuba, and raising money to help Bill and his girlfriend get their lights turned back on.

Then, I share my results: on my websiteYouTube channelsocial media & weekly emails, in-person at my events, and of course, RIGHT HERE ON PATREON, where supporters receive early and enhanced coverage of my work.

March, 2018

My documentary premiere "The Wall" June, 2019

It's part journalism, part humanitarianism.

Completed projects:

  • 2010-12: working and traveling for a year in China; documenting my experiences, observations, and insights for my book; and then presenting my work on tour
  • 2013-15: raising money for laptops and delivering them to a Tanzanian village school, where I taught adolescent students computers for six months before traveling the region and documenting my entire journey for a speaking tour upon returning home; since then, continuing to work with the nonprofit that supports the school. 
  • 2016-17: journeying the U.S. Southern and Pacific Northwest regions, interviewing the residents about their lives and locals issues, returning home to present the experiences and insights
  • 2013-present: researching stories about inner-city conditions, cultures of the Twin Cities, and how technology continues to shape our societies
  • 2018: spending two weeks in Cuba learning about their society (and how it compares to the U.S.), collecting school supplies in the U.S. and donating them to children in the neighborhood of my guest home in the city Trinidad, and then working with my guide to lead an event in Minneapolis introducing Cuba to Americans
  • 2018-2019: filming and premiering my documentary "The Wall" about a large, Native American homeless camp and its residents; hosting screenings of the film to raise money for efforts to face the homeless and addiction epidemics 

Screening of "The Wall" in Edina, Minnesota August, 2019

Current/Planned projects: 

  • Fall 2019: Continue hosting screenings of "The Wall", raising money for people/organizations battling the homelessness and addiction crisis. (Want to host a screening of your own? Fill out the form here.) I will also begin submitting this film to film festivals.  
  • 2020: Filming and editing my documentary taking a general look at the homeless crisis across the country. How/why does homelessness differ from city to city? How/why did the crisis become this serious? What are the stories of those without a home? And, finally, what can be done to solve this problem? My previous work in the Pacific Northwest, cities in Texas, and the Twin Cities lays the foundation for this film. 
  • Ongoing: creating videos for my YouTube channel--various stories, interviews, and observations from The Periphery.
  • 2021(?) - My next regional exploration of the U.S. is something I call The Border. I plan to drive the length of the U.S.-Mexico border (where possible) and interview residents in this unique and changing part of the country. In cities with border crossings, this journey will include dives into Mexico to speak to residents there. Given the controversy about immigration across this border—not to mention the possibility of a wall being built—this project is timely. And a greater appreciation and understanding of the people of this region is needed.

One of my stories about the Minneapolis inner-city

Thus far, I’ve supported my work by selling copies of my book, YouTube advertising, speaking at events, and marketing consulting.  

Me presenting at a former marketing job

Setting off on one of my bootstrapped efforts:)

The hope is spend more time on my projects and less time consulting with other companies. 

The money raised here on Patreon will afford me the basics (transportation, food) and, most important, the time I need to conduct my projects.

Wherever, I go; whoever I speak to; whichever media I use: I venture out to open my eyes (and so to open yours) and to familiarize myself with the many, many ways of life the world has to offer. Through empathy, we can best appreciate human life (including our own). And from here, we can best address the pressing issues of today.

Thank you for reading and for your help with these projects.

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First things first: If I am blessed with your generosity adding up to $50 a month, I will be able to update my old-fashioned video editing software.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts

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