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About The Phileas Club

Archives of the show are at:
And new episodes of the show will be at

And if you prefer reading to watching videos, here's a rough transcript!

Dear friends,

As you might have heard, I did something a little crazy recently: I quit my job at a prestigious company to become a full time podcaster and independent media producer. And when I started thinking about which shows I really wanted to do, The Phileas Club got right to the top of the list.

What is it?

For those who aren't familiar with it, the Phileas Club is an "truly international news-ish" show that I ran for four years, from 2008 to 2012, where I would invite regular people from different countries and cultures to tell us how the news was being reported on in their corner of the world. So we would get episodes with people from France, Saudi Arabia, the US, Thailand, Sweden, Israel, South Africa, etc. Sometimes we would get a different perspective on big news items we all know about but hadn't quite thought of in that way, and sometimes we'd learn that a thing we had never heard about was a major topic in a huge part of the world...

Why is it cool?

I honestly loved this show. I loved the concept, which I think is really cool, and is something that can only really be done on the Internet (and possibly only in a Podcast form). I also think it is an important show. I think it deserves to exist, and I even look at it as our small part in trying to build a world with more understanding, where people enjoy talking to one another instead of shouting at one another.
We didn't always agree of course. In fact we often strongly disagreed, which was great! That was even the point: how can you form an opinion when you never hear what other people think? Discussions and disagreements were key.
But my ultimate goal was to maintain a friendly atmosphere and to build a *fun* show. I really believe that if a show is dull or boring, people just won't listen, and it'll be a waste of everyone's time. What would be the point of doing that? And oh boy did we have fun...

So... Rational conversations and healthy debates, with people from all around the world, who can't agree on the most sensitive topics, and still manage to have fun and make friends. It doesn't seem like that would be possible, would it? Yet we managed to pull it off.

Great! Now what?

I would *love* to do it again. Actually, I will start doing it again no matter what. But if you think the concept is interesting, and you think this show should exist, I'd like to solicit your help. If you have a few bucks to spare, please consider supporting the show and becoming my boss.

Thank you so much!

PS1: When considering how much you want to commit to, please keep in mind that the first goal would add another type of episode to the mix. These could happen once a quarter to once a month, so do take into account the fact that you could be looking at two episodes a month, and plan accordingly. Thanks!

PS2: Oh, and remember that if you become a patron, you also enter the very exclusive Distinguished Gentlemen and Ladies Society! More on that in the silly rewards section. :)

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