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About The Pilot

Hello and Welcome!

I will be your Pilot this evening. Taking you through the ins and outs of the ships you'll be flying through the distant stars. Giving you the rundown on what you can expect as you approach Sagittarius A Star, and if that unarmed Hauler could really make it across the Bubble in one piece carrying all those Diamonds. Practical advice. For the discerning Commander on-the-Go.   

It takes 20+ hours a week of writing, voice over, filming, editing, and social media to make a new review each week. It's difficult, stressful, exhausting, and one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. And if you're reading this, it's probably because of you. The support of the people who have enjoyed my work has made me a happier, better, person. I really want to say healthier, but the late nights probably aren't doing me any favors. 

But that's why they will always be free.

My work will always go up, free to watch, regardless of what happens here. Making these videos gives me more joy and purpose than any "real" job would. So I'm going to keep making them.

But I'd like to do more. 

I'd like to make more videos, more often.

And with your help, I can. 

Plus, I drink what is quite possibly, an obscene amount of coffee while editing these videos. I wouldn't say no to helping keep the coffee maker full. 

If you do decide to help out, I do hope you enjoy the extras. If not, let me know. We'll come up with something together. Or I'll claim this is not a democracy, I am a benevolent dictator, and stomp it out. Either way. One of the two. 

Thanks for listening, thanks for the support (even if it's not Patreon), and I hope you enjoy what's to come. 

Oh! For the bigger stuff, you don't have to stay in that membership tier for the bigger rewards after the first month. Unless you want too. But thanks again if you do.   

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