The Podcast Mines

The Podcast Mines

the Next Big Podcast. Someday.

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About The Podcast Mines

Riley and Andrew want to start a podcast together. They just don't know what it should be about.

Each week, they take their (bad) ideas and your (incredible, excellent, smart) ideas for podcasts and pitch them to each other to figure out what show to start. This Patreon helps support the show by helping to cover hosting fees and fees for services, as well as helping them set up an advertising strategy beyond Having A Twitter Account That They Sometimes Post From.

For the record, there are not currently any hard-planned rewards for patronage beyond the Pilot Episodes we have listed. This Patreon just to show support and help us out. 
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For every 30 patrons we hit we'll record a Pilot Episode of a show we've pitched of our choosing. Once this one is hit we'll set the goal for the next one, and so on.
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